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SAT Lit words 41-60

Word and Definition

Meager Thin; lean; of poor quality or small amount
Obsolete out-of-date
Pariah an outcast
Quandary Condition of being boubtful or confused
Raconteur a person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes
Acclaim Loud applause; approval
Blithe Happy and cheerful; gay
Callous Unfeeling; insensitive
Deference Great respect
Effervescent Lively; giving off bubble
Fervor Intense emotion; great warmth of feeling
Garrulous Talkative
Heretic Aperson who upholds religious dectrines contrary to the establioshed beliefs of his church
Immutable Never changing
Iampoon Strong, satirical writing, usually attacking or ridiculing someone
Meandering Winding back and forth; rambling
Officious Meddling; giving unnecessary or unwated advice or services
Parsimonious Too thrifty; stingy
Querulous Peevish; faultfinding
Rancor Deep spite or malice; strong hate or bitter feeling
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