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ST110 A&P CH. 6

Skeletal System Review

What refers to pointing the toes downward Plantar flexion
80 bones in the cranium Axial
What is a type of immovoable joint in which the joints are very close together and separated only by a thin layer of cartilage Synarthrosis
What is an example of a hinge joint Elbow
What is the name of a visual exam of internal structure of a joint called Arthroscopy
What is an abnormal increase in the forward curvature of the lumbar spine Lordosis
What is the name for the normal process of the bone Ossification
Where is the maxilla located Upper jaw
What is an opening in a bone or tissue Foramen
What term describes a slightly movable joint Amphiarthrosis
What is the turning the foot outward at the ankle joint so the sole of the foot is pointing inward called Inversion
What is cortical Hard compact bone found in the shaft of the long bone
What is not included in the ear bone Vomer
Around 16-25 what plate ossifies marking full maturity Epiphyseal
What is the bony substance that comprises the columns within the cancellous called Trabeculae
What is the short bone called Talus
What is an example of a synovial joint Knee
Whats the condition in which one or more joints is inflamed Arthritis
What is the soft spot referred to as Fontanelles
What skeleton is composted of 126 bones Appendicular
Whst is a type of freely moveable joint that allows the most movement of any type of joint Diathrosis
What is the red bone marrow contained in Cancellous bone
How many bones is the thoracic vertebral comprised of 12
What is the c-shaped fibrocartilage located in the knee joint called Menisci
What is the bone building cell that is responsible for maintaining bone matrix Osteoblasts
What breaks down and resorption of bone Osteoclasts
What is the deficiency disease occurring in children involving defective bone growth due to vitamin d deficiency Rickets
What is the mature bone cell that is responsible for maintaining bone matrix Osteocytes
how many bones make up the crainum 80
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