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SAT Vocabulary U-W

Advanced vocabulary development for major college tests

Wistful (adjective) characterized by melancholy, longing
Whimsical (adjective) marked by a sudden or changing desire
Waver (verb) to sway, shake or tremble
Vulnerable (adjective) capable of being wounded or hurt
Voracious (adjective) craving or consuming large quantities
Volatile (adjective) threatening to break out into violence
Vociferous (adjective) crying our noisily
Vitriolic (adjective) harsh in tone
Vitality (noun) physical or mental strength or vigor
Vindication (noun) something that clears from suspicion or accusation
Vilification (noun) the act of verbally abusing or harshly criticizing
Vignette (noun) a small, pleasing sketch or view
Vestige (noun) evidence of something that no longer exists
Versatile (adjective) capable of adapting easily
Verbose (adjective) having or using too many words
Venerable (adjective) demanding respect due to dignity or age
Veiled (adjective) covered or concealed as if by a veil
Validate (verb) to make valid or confirm
Unprecedented (adjective) never before known or experienced
Unparalleled (adjective) unequaled or unmatched
Undermine (verb) to injure or destroy
Underscore (verb) to stress or emphasize
Understated (adjective) restrained in design or presentation
Uniformity (noun) the state of being the same or homogeneous
Created by: dfair
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