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17.1 Ophthalmology

CF Ophthalmology

abras/o scrape off
accommod/o to adapt
acu/o needle;sharpness
ambly/o dimness
angi/o blood vessel;lymphatic vessel
anis/o unequal
anter/o before;front part
aque/o watery substance
bi/o life;living organism;living tissue
blast/o immature;embryonic
blephar/o eyelid
capsul/o capsule(enveloping structure)
cav/o hollow space
choriod/o choriod(middle layer around the eye)
cili/o hairlike structure
coagul/o clotting
conduct/o carrying;conveying
conjug/o joined together
conjunctiv/o conjuctiva
converg/o coming together
corne/o cornea(of the eye)
cor/o pupil(of the eye)
cortic/o cortex(outter region)
cry/o cold
cycl/o ciliary body
cyst/o bladder;fluid-filled sac;semisolid cyst
dacry/o tears
diabet/o diabetes
dipl/o double
emulsific/o particles suspended in solution
enucle/o to remove the main part
es/o inward
ex/o away from;external;outward fiber
fibr/o fiber
fove/o small,depressed area
fund/o fundus(part farthest from the opening)
fundu/o fundus(part fartest from the opening)
gener/o production;creation
glauc/o silver gray
goni/o angle
icter/o jaundice
infer/o below
irid/o iris(colored part of the eye)
ir/o iris
kerat/o cornea(of the eye);hard;fibrous protein
lacrim/o tears
later/o side
lenticul/o lens(of the eye)
lent/o lens(of the eye)
log/o word;the study of
macul/o smalls area or spot
matur/o mature
medi/o middle
metr/o measurement
micr/o one millionth;small
mi/o narrowing
mydro/o widening
myop/o near
nas/o nose
ne/o new
ocul/o eye
ophthalm/o eye
opt/o eye;vision
papil/o elevated structure
peripher/o outter aspects
phac/o lens(of the eye)
phak/o lens(of the eye)
phob/o fear;avoidence
phor/o to bear;to carry;range
phot/o light
plas/o growth;formation
pleg/o paralysis
poster/o back part
presby/o old age
pupill/o pupil(of the eye)
recess/o to move back
refract/o bend;deflect
resect/o to cut out;remove
retin/o retina(of the eye)
scler/o hard;scler(white of the eye)
scop/o examine with an instrument
scot/o darkness
son/o sound
stere/o three dimensions
stigmat/o point;mark
super/o above
ton/o pressure;tone
trabecul/o trebecula(mesh)
tract/o pulling
transplant/o move something to another place
trop/o having a affinity for;stimulating turning
ulcerat/o ulcer
uve/o uvea(of the eye)
vascul/o blood vessel
vir/o virus
vis/o sight;vision
vitre/o transparent substance;vitreous humor
xer/o dry
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