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squawk to utter a shirll abroupt scream
traged a dramatic poem. composeed in elevated style
idle of no account, uneless
sniff to draw air andibly up the nose
peculiar to make peculiar to apart or assign, as an exclsive possession
odd not paited with another,or emaining over after apairing without a mate
melancholy a feeling of thoufhtful sadness
unwrap remove the outer cover or wrapping
fortune an unkonwn and unpredictable phenomenon that cause an evvent to result one way than another
sorrow an emotion of great sadness associated with loss or bereavement
ingredient a component of a mixture or compound
sensation an unelaborated elementray awareenss of stimulation
amuse occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion
convince make someone agree, understnad,or easliize the truth or ralidaity od somthing
sway cxontroilling influence
swollen abonrmally distenrded especially by fluids or gas
decorate make more attective by adding ornament colour,etc
desperately with great urgency
shimmer a weak and tremulous light
arrange put into a proper or systematic order
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