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History 15

Test #1 Anglo-Saxons through Tudors

Stonehenge Built as a religious site/calendar
Julius Caesar 55 BC Takes prisoners from tribes; Payment of tribute; installation of a friendly king; begins wider trading engagement; respected British warriors
Emperor Claudius 43 Launches invasion of Britain with 40-50,000 men, defeats under-equipped British tribes and creates province of Brittania
Hadrian's Wall 122 Wall to separate Roman Britain from “barbarian” lands; northern border of Brittania
Pope Gregory 597 Sends missionaries to Britain; Christianized Anglo-Saxons
Alfred the Great 878 Defeated and converted Viking leader; Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; Wessex Kings; Defensive structures
Edward the Confessor 1042 Crowned King; Made king by Earl Godwin; Deeply religious; Saxon v. Normans in court
Harold Godwin 1066 Crowned King; Swore fealty to William; Elected to throne; Defeats Hardrada at Stamford Bridge, loses at Hastings to William
Harold Hardrada Claim to throne after Edward by Danish blood; Teamed with Tostig, Godwin's brother; Invades and loses at Stamford Bridge
William the Conquerer 1066 Crowned King; Norman rule began; Defeated Godwin at Hastings; Spent much time in France; Fell off his horse and died; Power struggle for his sons
1066 Godwin crowned, defeats Hardrada, loses at Hastings, William crowned, Bayueax Tapestry
Henry II 1154 Crowned King; followed Anarchy; Henry of Anjou; Vast French holdings
Thomas a Becket Friend of Henry II; Appointed Archbishop of Canterbury; Refused to bolster Henry's power, became man of God; killed in Canterbury Cathedral
Richard I 1189 Crowned King; Forcably taken from Henry (father); Spent efforts on crusade, visiting England twice; King's randsom; Great miliatry skills
King John
Magna Carta
Edward I
Edward, the Black Prince
Richard II
The Black Death
Henry IV
Henry V
Battle of Agincourt
Henry VI
Margaret of Anjou
Earl of Warwick
Edward IV
The Princes in the Tower
Richard III
Henry VII
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