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words and stems 1-3

for ELA

scrib write
loc place
geo earth
chrono time
uni one,single
inscribe to write words or letters on or in a surface
locality a particular neighborhood place or district
geothermal of or relating to the internal heat of earth
chronology the science that deals with the determination of dates and the sequence of events
uniform always the same, as in character or degree; unvarying
capit head
man hand
multi many
neo new
omni all
decapitate behead, cut head off
manacle a device for confining the hands,usually consisting of a set of two metal rings that are fastened about the wrist and are joined by a metal chain
multitude the condition or quality of being numerous
neophyte a recent convert to a belif
omniscient having total knowledge; knowing everything
de from, away, off
anthrop man
photo light
ter,terr earth
ver truth
declivity a downward slope, as of a hill
anthropology the scientific study of humans
photogenic attractive as a subject for photography
terrestrial of or relating to the earth or it's inhabints
verisimilar appearing to be true or real; probable
Created by: awesome_sadie


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