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GROL Element 3 A

How does the input impedance of a field-effect transistor compare with that of a bipolar transistor? An FET has high input impedance; a bipolar transistor has low input impedance.
The product of the readings of an AC voltmeter and AC ammeter is called: Apparent power.
Good conductors with minimum resistance have what type of electrons? Many free electrons.
Permeability is defined as: The ratio of magnetic flux density in a substance to the magnetizing force that produces it.
How would you calculate the total capacitance of three capacitors in parallel? CT = C1 + C2 + C3.
When induced currents produce expanding magnetic fields around conductors in a direction that opposes the original magnetic field, this is known as: Lenz’s law.
How might you reduce the inductance of an antenna coil? Reduce the number of turns.
What limits the maximum forward current in a junction diode? The junction temperature.
An AC ammeter indicates: Effective (RMS) values of current.
By what factor must the voltage of an AC circuit, as indicated on the scale of an AC voltmeter, be multiplied to obtain the peak voltage value? 1.414
Which of the following groups is correct for listing common materials in order of descending conductivity? Silver, copper, aluminum, iron, and lead.
What will produce a magnetic field? A current flowing through a conductor.
Halving the cross-sectional area of a conductor will: Double the resistance.
What is the relative dielectric constant for air? 1
What are the two most commonly-used specifications for a junction diode? Maximum forward current and PIV (peak inverse voltage).
What type of wave is characterized by a rise time significantly faster than the fall time (or vice versa)? Sawtooth wave.
What is the description of a square wave? A wave that abruptly changes back and forth between two voltage levels and stays at these levels for equal amounts of time.
Which of the 4 groups of metals listed below are the best low-resistance conductors? Gold, silver, and copper.
What formula would calculate the total inductance of inductors in series? LT = L1 + L2
Skin effect is the phenomenon where: RF current flows in a thin layer of the conductor, closer to the surface, as frequency increases.
What is the purpose of a bypass capacitor? It removes alternating current by providing a low impedance path to ground.
What is the peak voltage at a common household electrical outlet? 165.5 volts.
What type of wave is made up of sine waves of the fundamental frequency and all the odd harmonics? Square.
What is the term used to express the amount of electrical energy stored in an electrostatic field? Joules
What formula would determine the inductive reactance of a coil if frequency and coil inductance are known? XL = 2πf L
What are the two basic types of junction field-effect transistors? N-channel and P-channel.
What is the basic unit of electrical power? Watt.
What is the term used to identify an AC voltage that would cause the same heating in a resistor as a corresponding value of DC voltage? Root mean square (RMS).
Which of these will be most useful for insulation at UHF frequencies? Mica.
What device is used to store electrical energy in an electrostatic field? Capacitor.
What is the RMS voltage at a common household electrical power outlet? 117-V AC.
What type of wave is made up of sine waves at the fundamental frequency and all the harmonics? Sawtooth wave.
What determines the strength of the magnetic field around a conductor? The amount of current.
How do you compute true power (power dissipated in the circuit) in a circuit where AC voltage and current are out of phase? q Multiply apparent power times the power factor.
By what factor must the voltage measured in an AC circuit, as indicated on the scale of an AC voltmeter, be multiplied to obtain the average voltage value? 0.9
What is a sine wave? A wave whose amplitude at any given instant can be represented by the projection of a point on a wheel rotating at a uniform speed.
MOSFETs are manufactured with THIS protective device built into their gate to protect the device from static charges and excessive voltages: Zener diode.
What happens to reactive power in a circuit that has both inductors and capacitors? It alternates between magnetic and electric fields and is not dissipated.
What is meant by the term “back EMF”? A voltage that opposes the applied EMF.
What is the term for the out-of-phase power associated with inductors and capacitors? Reactive power.
Which metal object may be least affected by galvanic corrosion when submerged in seawater? Stainless steel propeller shaft.
How many degrees are there in one complete sine wave cycle? 360 degrees.
What metal is usually employed as a sacrificial anode for corrosion control purposes? Zinc bar.
What is the easiest voltage amplitude to measure by viewing a pure sine wave signal on an oscilloscope? Peak-to-peak.
Assuming a power source to have a fixed value of internal resistance, maximum power will be transferred to the load when: The load impedance equals the internal impedance of the source.
The opposition to the creation of magnetic lines of force in a magnetic circuit is known as: Reluctance.
Corrosion resulting from electric current flow between dissimilar metals is called: Galvanic corrosion.
A common emitter amplifier has: More voltage gain than a common collector.
Created by: bjthomp2005
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