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5.1 med abbreviation

med abb

CDC center for disease control and prevention
DRG diagnostic related group
LMP last menstrual period
D/C discontinue, dishcharge
OR operating room
prn as needed
ac before meals
stat immediately, at once
RN Registered Nurse
wt weight
Cl Cloride
Rx prescription
AP apical pulse
T temperature
NPO nothing by mouth
spec specimen
- c with
___ ss one half
_ s without
pt patient
BP blood pressure
R respiration, rectal
Na sodium
HIV human immunodeficieny virus
AIDS acquired immune deficieny syndrom
CVA cereebrovascular accident
DPT diptheria pertussis tetanus
EMT emergency medical technician
REM rapid eye movement
ROM range of motion
VS vital signs
XR x-ray
STD or STI sexually transmitted disease or infection
staph stapholococcus infection
strep streptococcus infection
Sx signs or symptoms
HOSA health occupations students of america
LP lumbar puncture
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