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Axial Skeleton RLT

Fissure Narror slit-like opening
Foramen large hole
Meatus tube like passage way
Sinus air filled vaity
Process projection of a bone
Condyle large roughly rounded process
Facet flat smooth surface
Head a round process supported on a narrow part
Crest a prominent ridge
epicondyle above a condyle
line smaller than a crest
spine long thin process
trochanter large process of the femur
tuberacle a small rounded process
tuberosity a large rough process
The four sutures of the adult skull coronal, lambdoidal, sagittal, squamosal
The 8 cranial bones Frontal, parietal (2), occipital, temporal (2), sphenoid, ethmoid
Temporal bone features External auditory meatus, mastoid process, mandibular fossa, styliod process, petrous part, zygomatic process
sphenoid bone features sinus, greater wing, sella turcica (turks saddle)
Ethmoid Cribform plate, perpendicular plate, ethmoid sinuses, superior and middle conchae
Facial bones nasal, vomer, maxilla, zygomatic, lacrimal, inferior nasal concha,palatine, mandible
Fetal Skull anterior fortanelle, posterior fontanelle, sphenoidal fontanelle, mastoid fontanelle
Define Fontanelle soft spots made from dense connective tissue
Auditory ossicles from middle ear Hammer, anvil, stirrup
Vertbrae Types and How many of each Cervical- 7 Thoracic- 12 Lumbar- 5 Sacrum Coccyx
Cervical Vertebrae C-1 atlas C-2 axis
Features of Cervical Vertebra Body, lamina, pedicle, spinous process, transverse process, transverse foramen, vertebral foreman, dens (axis only), cervical curvature
Kyphosis Exaggerated curvature associated with the cervical vertebra
Features of Thoracic Vertebra BOdy, vertebral arch, lamina, pedicle, spinous process, vertbral foramen, transverse process with facet for rib's articulation, superior and inferior articular processes (joins vertebrae above and below) thoracid curvature
Features of Lumbar Vertebra Body, lamina, pedicle, spinous process, transverse process, vertebral foramen, lumbar curvature (exaggerated lumbar curvature is called lordosis)
Sacrum 5 Fused vertebrae Anterior and posterior sacral foramina, sacral promontory, sacral curvature
Coccyx 4 fused vertebrae
Thoracic cage first seven ribs are true ribs last 5 are false ribs
Features of Sternum Manubrium Jugular notch clavicular notch body of sternum xiphoid process
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