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Stufflet Unit 3 Euro

Unit 3 Euro

weakened the idea that war was ennobling; allow you to kill from a distance gunpowder
massacre of Calvinists by Catholics in Paris in 1572 St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
French Calvinists Huguenots
French moderates that believed French unity was more important than religious differences politiques
1st French politique king Henry IV
granted French Huguenots freedom of worship in specified areas of France Edict of Nantes
ruling dynasty of Spanish and Austria Habsburgs
Spanish king who had to deal with Protestant revolt in the Low Countries Philip II
literally, "Low Countries" Netherlands
catholic leader sent by Philip II to crush revolt of Protestants in the Netherlands Duke of Alva
he consolidated the 17 northern provinces of Netherlands into Union of Utrecht William of Orange
English monarch that supported Protestant revolt in Netherlands Elizabeth I
implicated in plot to assassinate Elizabeth; she was beheaded Mary, Queen of Scots
fleet sent by Philip II to invade England Spanish Armada
event that ignited Thirty Years' War; Protestants threw Catholic officials out the window of castle Defenestration of Prague
religious conflict that divided Germany into mid 17th century Thirty Years' War
Portuguese prince that started the age of exploration Henry the Navigator
Portuguese explorer who reached the Cape of Good Hope Batholomew Diaz
Portuguese explorer who reached India Vasco da Gama
small, light, three-masted ship caravel
helped determine latitude astrolabe
circumnavigated globe Ferdinand Magellan
conquered Aztecs Hernan Cortes
conquered Incas Francisco Pizarro
used the essay to express thoughts; skeptic Michel de Montaigne
School of thought founded on doubt that total certainty or definitive knowledge is attainable skepticism
artistic movement influenced by Counterreformation’s desire to appeal to sense of common man and move them emotionally Baroque
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