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SS Test Terms

Armada A fleet of warships
Trading Post Empire Explorers set up outposts for the purpose of trade
Plantation Colony Large estates that produced cash crops
Cash Crop One or two products grown for a profit
Settler Colony Territories governed by the homeland
Viceroy Royal representatives
Encomienda System Gave landowners the right to use labor
Tenant Farmer Paid rent and worked a fixed number of days
Coureurs de Bois Runners of the Woods
Charter Written agreement,promising rights and freedom
Representative Assembly Elected representatives spoke for the people
Colonialism Building of settlements in other lands
Migration The movement of people
Plantation The large agricultural estates that produced cash crops
Immunity Is the body's ability to resit infection
Indentured Servants Signed contracts to work for a set number of years to pay off a trip
Capitalism Where people risk money to invest in new businesses wanting to make even more money.
Caboceers Special African officers appointed by governments to exchange enslave people with Europeans.
Populous Having a large population.
Famine An extreme shortage of food.
Hemisphere A half of a sphere
Ancestry One's family or ethnic descent
Heritage The traditions, achievements, beliefs, etc., that are part of the history of a group or nation
Sea Dogs People who had a license from the government to attack ships from other countries.
Joint Stock Company Where privately owned companies sell stock to a partial ownership.
Mercantlism The belief of a nation's power were depended on owning gold and silver.
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