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Foy Ch. 5 Test

What document, which kept the king or queen from changing laws without the permission of Parliament, influenced the framers of the Constitution? English Bill of Rights
You do not agree with the Constitution because you believe it will make the national government become too strong. You also don’t believe the Constitution protects your individual rights. What party would you belong to? Antifederalist Party
You are a member of the House of Representatives. It is your job to propose and pass laws. What branch are you in? legislative
What did the Confederation Congress not have the authority to do, in order to help correct unequal trade with Britain? pass tariffs
You are a plantation owner from Virginia and you are angry because only a fraction of your slave population will be counted when representation in Congress is decided. What law do you disagree with? Three-fifths Compromise
What did the Confederation Congress not have the authority to do, which made it difficult to trade across state lines. regulate interstate commerce
Which of the following roles was included in the Articles of Confederation? Congress
You are a Revolutionary War veteran who lives in New Jersey. You had to take out a loan to pay for your all of your debt but now your state has printed out extra paper money to pay those debts. Why would your creditor refuse to accept your money? Your money is now worth less because it is not backed by gold in the treasury.
What men formed the Antifederalist Party to protest the Constitution? George Mason, Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry
What event was held in May 1787 to discuss ways to make the Articles of Confederation better? Constitutional Convention
Your territory has now become a state because it has over 60,000 residents and has written a state constitution. You are proud to say that your state doesn’t allow slavery and has a public education system. What law made this possible? Northwest Ordinance of 1787
What nation closed the lower Mississippi River off from American shipping? Spain
What led farmers in three Massachusetts counties to rebel, under the leadership of Daniel Shays? high taxes and heavy debt
What did Britain refuse to turn over to the U.S. after the Revolution? its forts in US territory
What plan created by Edmund Randolph, would create a two-house legislature with representation decided only by a state’s population. Virginia Plan
How is it possible for the Constitution to still be in use over 200 years after it was created? its flexibility through the amendment process
Which of the following is NOT a problem that the United States had with Britain following the war? British merchants were smuggling tea out of the United States.
What agreement, proposed by Roger Sherman, created a legislature giving equal representation in the upper house and representation by population in the lower house? Great Compromise
What was the result of a loss of trade with Britain, combined with inflation? economic depression
What man was the New Jersey delegate who presented the small-state plan of giving equal representation to each state? William Paterson
What state was the last to ratify the Constitution, three years after Delaware first ratified it? Rhode Island
During the American Revolution, most colonies wrote what type of constitutions? that supported limited, republican governments
What is the term referring to an official change that can be added to the Constitution, such as the Bill of Rights? amendment
In order to keep any branch of becoming too powerful, each branch of government is involved in the law-making process. What is the term to describe this sharing of power? checks and balances
Which of the following documents provided an example of religious acceptance that inspired the framers of the Constitution? Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom
What delegate played an important role in the creation of the Constitution by taking notes at the convention and contributing many of his ideas? James Madison
What document, which was signed in 1215 and required the king to follow the same laws as other English people, influenced the writers of the Constitution? Magna Carta
What was to blame for the economic and other problems in the United States after the Revolution? a weak central government
You support the Constitution and agree that this nation needs a strong central government and the separation of powers. What party would you belong to? Federalist Party
What document did Congress add on to the Constitution to protect the rights of individuals? Bill of Rights
What document created the first central government for the United States? Articles of Confederation
What group was the only group to be allowed suffrage under many state constitutions, and later in the Constitution? white men who paid taxes
Delegates at the Constitutional Convention created a system of sharing power between the state and national governments. What is the term for this system? federalism
If you feel that political power should rest in the hands of the people, what concept do you agree with? popular sovereignty
Who were some of the leaders of the Federalist Party, which supported the Constitution? Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay
Your township is located in the Northwest Territory and is 36 square miles. Within your township, you own one of the 36 lots that is made up of 640 acres. What law is responsible for allowing you to purchase that land? Land Ordinance of 1785
You recently read a few newspaper articles written by “Publius” trying to persuade people to support the Constitution. What was the title of these articles? Federalist Papers
What promise did congress have to make to gain support for ratifying the Constitution? add a bill protecting individual rights
After Shays’ Rebellion, what did people start calling for? a stronger central government to protect them in a crisis
Which of the following was a colonial document that influenced the new American government? Mayflower Compact
Created by: lfoy8290
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