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Bonewit Chapt 7

Physical Agents / Tissue Healing (Allysa Jasper)

ambulation walking or moving from one place to another
ambulatory able to walk as opposed to being confined to bed or a wheelchair
brace an orthopedic devic used to support and hold a part of the body in the correct postion to allow functioning and healing
compress a soft, moist, absorbent cloth that is folded in several layers and applied to a part of the body in the local application of heat and cold
edema the retention of fluid n the tissues, resulting in swelling
erythema reddening of the skin cause by dilation of superficial blood vessels in the skin
exudate a discharge produced by the body's tissues
long arm cast a cast the extends from the axilla to the fngers of the hand, usyally with a ben din the elbow
long leg cast a cast the extends from the midthigh to the toes
maceration the softening and breaking down of the skin as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture
orthopedist a physician who specializes in the diagnosis & treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles & nerves)
short arm cast a cast the extends from below the elbow to the fingers
short leg cast a cast that begins just below the knee and extends to the toes
soak the direct immersion of a body part in water or a medicated soultion
splint an orthopedic device used to support and immobilized a part of the body
sprain trauma to a joint that cause injury to the ligaments
strain an overstretching of a muscule caused by trauma
suppuration the process of pus formation
Created by: allysajasper