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ANT 1a

Practice Quiz

One characteristic of a living things is responsiveness. This term is defined as? The ability to react to a stimulus.
Which of the following is located on the posterior portion of the human body? buttocks
Which of the following is NOT part of a feedback system? stimulus
In anatomical position, the body is? upright, arms at the sides, palms facing forward.
The supplying of oxygen and elimination of carbon dioxide from the lungs is a function of the what system? respiratory system.
Which system helps regulate temperature and protects the body? integumentary
Which of the following is found in the pelvic cavity? urinary bladder
The mediastinum is the space between the lungs that contains masses of tissue.
A proximal location of an anatomical structure is nearer to the attachment of an extremity to the trunk.
In a negative feedback system, when blood pressure increases slightly, the body will respond by causing a number of changes which tend to lower blood pressure.
Which pair of common anatomical terms is mismatched? armpit/brachial
Which science studies the “why, when, and where” regarding transmission of diseases? epidemiology
A frontal plane would divide the body into anterior and posterior portions.
Which of the following regions of the lower limb is most proximally located? thigh
What systems of the body maintain homeostasis? nervous & endocrine, respiratory & digestive, skeletal & muscular, urinary & reproductive
Which is most inferiorly located, relative to the head? pelvic cavity
At what level of structural organization are atoms and molecules? chemical
In a feedback loop, effectors that bring about change receive information from the control center.
In the anatomical position, the radius is ___ to the ulna. lateral
What plane divides the body vertically into right and left sides? sagittal
In which quadrant would the pain of appendicitis most likely be felt? lower right
The right hypochondriac region lies within which quadrant of the abdominopelvic cavity? upper right
What structure lies within the right iliac region of the abdominopelvic cavity? appendix
The urinary bladder lies within which region of the abdominopelvic cavity? pubic
The esophagus enters the abdominopelvic cavity in the ___ region. epigastric
Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic types of tissue of the human body? bone tissue
Where is the visceral layer of the pleura located? covering the lung
Which of the following constitutes a sign of disease? vomiting
All of the following describe the anatomical position except: eyes are elevated
Tapping on the anterior chest is a physical examination procedure called: percussion
Changes associated with aging include all of the following except: heightened reflexes
The function and structure of the body are best studied separately because they are completely independent areas of science (T/F). FALSE
Feeling body surfaces with the hands is called auscultation (T/F). FALSE
Positive feedback systems function in maintaining relatively stable conditions in the body (T/F). FALSE
When blood sugar (glucose) level is slightly low and homeostatic mechanisms work correctly to return it back to normal, this is an example of a negative feedback mechanism (T/F). TRUE
When you lie on your back with your face up on your bed, you are in the supine position (T/F). TRUE
The peritoneum, pericardium, and pleura are all classified as serous membranes (T/F). TRUE
The skeletal muscular system includes skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle (T/F). FALSE
Homeostasis is the maintenance of absolutely unchanging conditions (e.g., blood pressure and heart rate)(T/F). FALSE
Aging is an abnormal process characterized by a progressive decline in the body’s ability to restore homeostasis (T/F). FALSE
To properly reconnect the disconnected bones of a human skeleton, you would need to have a good understanding of? anatomy
Which of the following best illustrates the idea of increasing levels of organizational complexity? chemical-->cellular-->tissue-->organ-->system -->organismal
Which body system transports oxygen, nutrients, and carbon dioxide? cardiovascular system
Hair, skin and associated glands, fingernails, and toenails belong to what body system? integumentary system
Homeostasis is defined as what? The tendency to maintain constant, favorable internal body conditions.
The pediatrician noting the increased head circumference of a four-month-old baby is an example of what life process? growth
The part of a feedback system that receives the input and generates the output command is the control center
Which of the following is an observable set of body changes? sign
An itch in your axillary region would cause you to scratch your armpit
If you were facing a person who is in the correct anatomical position, you could observe the crural region
Where would you look for the femoral artery? thigh
The right ear is ___ to the right nostril. lateral
Your chin is ___ in relation to your lips. inferior
Your skull is ___ in relation to your brain. superficial
A magician is about to separate his assistant’s body into superior and inferior portions. The plane through which he will pass his magic wand is the transverse
Which statement is NOT true of body cavities? The organs in the cranial and vertebral cavities are called viscera.
To expose the heart for open heart surgery, the surgeon would need to cut through the pericardial cavity
To find the urinary bladder, you would look in the pubic region
The mediastinum is defined as? The region between the lungs, from the breastbone to the backbone.
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