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meridian high school Frankenstein vocab list 2

Amiable Friendly, Present, Likable/ Synonyms: Affable, convivial, amicable, agreeable, genial
Apathy lack of feeling or emotion/ Synonyms: indifference, insouciance, disregard, unconcern
Caprice an impulsive change of mind, fickleness/ Synonyms: whim
Contempt disrespect, scorn/ Synonyms: derision, disdain
Conducive tending to lead to a particular outcome; favorable/ Synonyms: contributive, helpful, promotive
Contrive to devise, plan, or manage; to form in an artistic manner/ Synonyms: concoct, create, scheme, design
Countenance appearance, facial expression/ Synonyms: face, features, visage
Cursory hastily done, superficial/ Synonyms: shallow, careless
Defer to delay; to delegate to to another/ Synonyms: extend, impede, postpone, stall
Diligence steady and earnest application of effort/ Synonyms: doggedness, persistence, assiduity
Docile tame, willing to be taught/ Synonyms: domesticated, mild, tractable, obedient
Doctrine instruction, teaching, a body of theories or principles/ Synonyms: dogma, tenet
Erroneous(ly) with errors; mistakenly/ Synonyms: wrongly, improperly, incorrectly
Infallibly unfailingly, unerringly/ Synonym: certainly
Interment burial/ Synonyms: entombment, inhumation
Malignant evil in influence of effect; aggressively malicious; tending to produce death/ Synonyms: deadly, destructive, poisonous
Odious hateful, contemptible/ Synonyms: detestable, obnoxious, offensive, repellent, loathsome
Oblivion the state of being completely forgotten/ Synonyms: limbo, nonexistence
Presumption rudeness, improper boldness/ Synonyms: brashness, sass, impertinence
Pretension |1. the quality of being arrogant, snobbishness/ Synonyms: ostentation, conceit, phoniness| |2. a false claim; an allegation of doubtful value/ Synonyms: allegation, assumption, falsity|
Predilection preference, liking/ Synonyms: bias, leaning, partiality, penchant, proclivity
Torrent a turbulent, fast-flowing stream/ Synonyms: outpouring, deluge, flood
Utility usefulness, efficiency, functionality/ Synonyms: practicality, pragmatism
Zeal passion or devotion for a cause/ Synonyms: fanaticism, enthusiasm, ardor
Created by: johnny48012
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