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Clinical Terms Ch 25

Clinical Terms for Exam 4- Digestive System

achalasia blockage of the lower esophagus b/c of weak peristalsis and malfunction of lower esophageal sphincter
cholecystitis PAINFUL condition caused by blockage of the cystic or common bile duct by GALLSTONES
cholelithiasis presence of GALLSTONES in the gallbladder
cirrhosis a condition caused by scarring of LIVER following destruction of Hepatocytes by drug exposure, viral infection, ischemia or other factors
colitis Irritation of COLON, leading to abnormal bowel function
colostomy attatchment and opening of the colon to the abdominal wall, bypassing the distal portion of the Large Intestine
diverticulosis a condition in which pockets (diverticula) form in the mucosa of the colon, usually in the SIGMOID colon
enteritis irritation of Small Intestine by toxins or other irritants; causes diarrhea due to frequent peristalsis along small intestine
esophagitis Inflammation of esophagus due to erosion by gastric juices
gastrectomy surgical removal of Stomach; a potential treatment for stomach CANCER
Gastric stapling and gastric bypass Surgical procedures to promote weight loss by blocking off a large portion of the gastric lumen
gastritis inflammation of gastric mucosa
gastroenteritis vomiting and diarrhea caused by an extremely powerful irritating stimulus
gastroscope a fiber-optic instrument used to visualize the interior of the stomach
mumps a Viral Infection that most often affects the PAROTID SALIVARY Gland between ages 5-9
pancreatitis an inflammation of the Pancreas due to blockage of the pancreatic ducts, bacterial or viral infections, or drug reactions
peptic ulcer a localized erosion of the gastric or duodenal mucosa by acids and enzymes in chyme
periodontal disease a progressive condition resulting from erosion of the connections between the necks of teeth and the gingiva
peritonitis a painful condition resulting from inflammation of the PERITONEAL Membrane
plaque a dense deposit of food particles and bacterial secretions on the surfaces of teeth
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