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Abandon The manager abandoned the plan to set up a factory in Mexico.
Abolish The protesters called on the government to abolish the death penalty.
do away with .. They decided to do away with the rule.
Abortion The legislators are discussing whether they should make abortion legal.
Abortion The legislators are discussing whether they should make abortion legal (or not).
study abroad I've made up my mind to study abroad.
make up one’s mind They have make up their minds to study in Britain.
Abrupt Martin's abrupt departure was a big loss to the company.
absolute Car insurance is an absolute necessity if you live in the States.
Absolutely Are you absolutely sure that the company is going bankrupt?
Be absorbed in Whenever I see John,he is absorbed in his work.
be lost in Whenever I see John, he is lost in his work.
be buried in Whenever I see John,he is buried in his work.
absorb The had difficulty absorbing the extra costs of expanding their business overseas.
Abstract What you said sounds too abstract.I really can't understand that.
An abundance of.. You can find an abundance of information about our company on this website.
Be abundant in The country abounds in valuable minerals.
Abundant In this company, you will have abundant opportunities to be promoted.
Abuse Charles was fired because he abused his power.
Abuse The man was arrested on charges of child abuse.
Adademic performance Laziness may be responsible for his bad academic performance
Accelerate We need new strategies to accelerate the growth of our business.
Speed up They have speed up production.
Have access to No one in the company has access to the computer database except for the CEO.
Acclaim Dr. Smith was widely acclaimed for his contribution to the discovery.
Accommodate The newly built auditorium can accommodate 2,000 students.
Accomodations Have you arranged accomodations for our guests?
Accompany Several employees accompanied the manager on this business trip.
Accomplish Jennifer was assigned a difficult task,but she still accomplished it in the end.
int the end Everything will be all right in the end
Accomplishment Finishing that project on time was a real accomplishment for John.
Account for ... Constant hard work accounts for his successful career.
Open an account I just opened an account with the bank yesterday.
Accountant The firm is seeking an experienced accountant to join their team.
Accumulate Bob accumulated a fortune by investing in the stock market.
Accuracy We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these statistics.
Accurate Scientists hope to become more accurate in predicting earthquakes.
Be accuse of The boss was accused of harassing his secretary.
Achieve We need to achieve our goal of becoming the leading brand in the field.
Acid When she criticized their work,you could feel the acid tone in her words.
Acknowledge David acknowledged that his fault had led to the failure of the mission.
Acquaint sb with sth Please acquaint me with the details of that event.
Get acquainted with sb I got acquainted with Karen at a press conference.
Acquire Through Johns help, we acquired all the information we needed for the project.
Acute My friend David died of acute hepatitis last week.
Adapt to It took the new employee about a month to adapt to the new environment.
get used to It took the new employee about a month to get used to the new environment.
get accustomed It took the new employee about a month to get accustomed to the new environment.
Add A to B Add eight to two,and you get ten.
Add to That pink dress added to the charm of that beautiful girl.
Be addicted to Brown has been addicted to alcohol since his wife passed away.
addict Drug addicts are a burden on our society.
An additional + 數字 We need to additional 50,000 dollars for the project.
Deliver an address to The new president will deliver his inaugural address on May 3.
address The candidate addressed an audience of nearly 1,000 supporters.
Address a problem / issue We'll address the issue at the next meeting.
Adequate We need an adequate amount of money for the project.
Adequate I doubt if such an answer is adequate.
Adjourn The trial was adjourned until next Monday.
Adjust oneself to It took Mary a while to adjust herself to living abroad.
Administer The lifeguard administered first aid to the kid.
Administration The Bush administration is trying to create more jobs for people.
Administrative Some people don't like purely administrative tasks.
In admiration of Peter held his breath in admiration of her excellent performance.
Admire sb for sth They all admire David for his courage.
Applying for admission to +學校 I'm applying for admission to that university.
Admit + V-ing The prime minister admitted making a serious mistake.
Admittance No admittance except on business.
Adolescent Adolescent seem to enjoy hanging out around here.
Adopt採用 The management decided to adopt a new policy.
Adopt 收養 Maybe you can consider adopting a child.
Adore Mr. Burton adores taking a hot bath after a hard day's work.
Advantage Getting married has both advantages and disadvantages.
Take advantage of Why don't you take advantage of this opportunity?
Be advantageous to The terms of the agreement are advantageous to both companies.
Adverse Lack of funds will have an adverse effect on our proposal.
Advertise We are planing to advertise our products on TV.
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