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the base of his skull, 他的頭骨底部
the fruit of the coconut palm, 椰子樹的果實
members of the club, 俱樂部的會員
citizens of Rome, 羅馬的居民
the poetry of the nineteenth century, 十九世紀的詩作
the vineyards of France, 法國的葡萄園
cancer of the liver, 肝癌,
Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, 里朗威,馬拉威的首都,
Rumpi, a town in northern Malawi, 壤匹,馬拉威北部的一個小鎮,
the aim of the expedition, 這次遠征的目標,
the causes of war, 引起戰爭的原因,
the results of the poll, 選舉的結果,
the plays of Shakespeare, 莎士比亞的戲劇,
The course always includes at least one play by Shakespeare., 這堂課每次至少都會包括一齣莎士比亞的戲劇,
Howard’s keyboard, 霍華德的鍵盤,
my father’s plans, 我爸爸的計畫,
France’s vineyards , 法國的葡萄園(所有格表示),
He’s one of my colleagues., 他是我的同事之一,
That’s a special interest of hers., 那是她眾多特殊興趣中的一個,
Yes, I know Eva; she’s a friend of Marie’s., 是啊,我認識伊芙;她是瑪莉其中一個朋友,
Michael was a school friend of the children’s., 麥可是孩子們在學校裡其中一個朋友,
an acquaintance of my parents, 一個我父母認識的人,
some of the food , 這些食物中的一些,
none of the staff , 職員中沒有一個,
most of us , 我們當中的大多數,
I’ll have one of those., 我要那當中的一個,
a kilo of apples , 一公斤的蘋果,
a cup of sugar, 一杯的糖,
plenty of excitement, 興奮不已,
a book of poetry, 一本詩集,
a box of matches, 一盒火柴,
a crowd of people, 一群人,
a bunch of flowers, 一束花,
a piece of paper, 一張紙,
a drop of water, 一滴水,
a type of bird, 一種鳥類,
a true account of the incident, 這起事件的真實報導,
the science of genetics, 遺傳學,
children of unusual talent , 天賦異稟的小孩,
The jewelry was of little value, .這些珠寶不?幾個錢,
a woman of wealth, 家財萬貫的女人,
people of average height, 身高一般的人們,
a boy of twelve, 十二歲的男孩,
She had no friends of her own age., 她沒有同年齡的朋友,
the nineteenth of January, 一月十九號,
the fourth year of the war, 開戰第四年,
on the second morning of their honeymoon, 他們蜜月的第二天早上,
on the morning of their wedding, 他們婚禮的當天早上,
in the moment of victory, 在勝利的時刻,
at the beginning of term, 在學期一開始,
in the depths of despair, 在絕望的谷底,
the rising of the sun, 日出,
the constant movement of traffic, 交通的持續前進,
the destruction of Troy, 特洛伊城的毀滅,
a review of the situation, 形勢的回顧,
the writer of the note, 寫這個便條的人,
It was kind of you to write., 你寫信來真是貼心,
It was stupid of me to leave the car unlocked., 我沒把車所上就走掉,實在太笨了,
That was most thoughtful of you., 你那麼做真是太體貼了,
I’m thinking of resigning., 我在考慮辭職,
The house smells of tobacco smoke., 屋裡有菸草的味道,
This tastes of lemon., 這嚐起來像檸檬,
I’ve never heard of him., 我從來沒聽過他這個人,
She reminds me of someone., 她讓我想起某個人,
Are you accusing me of cheating?, 你指控在說我騙人嗎?,
Hundreds are dying of starvation., 上百人正死於飢餓,
I’m frightened of spiders., 我怕蜘蛛,
We got bored of waiting., 我們等煩了,
You should be ashamed of yourself., 你真該?自己感到羞恥,
I’m proud of you., 我為你感到驕傲,
She’s too sure of herself., 她對自己太有信心了,
The sky’s full of birds., 天空裡都是小鳥,
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