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Gerda Malaperis (Eo)

Gerda Malaperis Vortlisto Cxapitro 3

ami love
amo love
ankaux too, also
aspekti appear, look
aspekto appearance, aspect
bonan tagon good day
cxe at, beside, with
de from, by, of, since
deklari state, declare
deklaro proclamation, declaration, statement
esprimi express
esprimo expression
grava serious, important
gravi be important
gxi it
jam by now, already, yet
kiel as, like, how
kompreneble of course
kompreni understand, realize
ne gravas it isn't important
pardoni pardon, forgive
permesi permit, allow
pli more
povas can
povi be able to
preferi prefer
pri upon, on, concerning, about
saluti greet, salute
simpla simple, straightforward
spiono spy
sur on, upon
tablo table
tago day
tamen nevertheless, but, yet, however
tio that
tuj right away, immediately
vizagxo face
Created by: aburrido
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