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Gerda Malaperis (Eo)

Gerda Malaperis Vortlisto Cxapitro 2

agas acts
alia else, another, other
bona good, okay, nice
bone well, ok
certa certain, sure
certe certainly
cxu if, is it, either, whether
diable devilish
diablo devil
direkto direction
diskreta discreet
dum while, during, for
ej hey
forta strong
haltas stops
igxas becomes
ili them, they
inter between, among
io something
iom to some extent, a little, some
iom post iom little by little, gradually
iomete a little, rather
ke that
kvazaux as though, as if, in a way
lia his
mano hand
mistera mysterious
mistere mysteriously
mistero mystery
montras shows
natura natural
nature naturally
naturo nature, character
ne plu no longer
ni us, we
pala sallow, pale
parolas speaks
petas requests
plu more, on, further, else
pordo gate, door
post behind, after
prava true, right
prave correctly
pravas is correct
proksima nearby, close, next, near
rapida speedy, quick, fast, rapid
revenas returns
se provided that, if
staras stands
stranga strange, odd, peculiar
strange strangely
sxi she
sxia her
taso cup
tre very, quite, very much
turnas turns
ulo fellow, person
vidas sees
volas wants
Created by: aburrido
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