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SAT Vocabulary L 4-6

SAT Vocabulary from Lessons 4-6 of the Power Plus workbook

celibate adj. abstaining from sexual intercourse; unmarried
fortuitious adj. happening by chance or accident, unexpected
recapitulate v. to summarize, to repeat briefly
perfunctory adj. done without care, in a routine
baroque adj. overly decorated, ornate
hedonism n. pursuit of pleasure, especially sensory
obloquy n. strong disapproval; a bad reputation resulting
debacle n. a complete failure; a total collapse
quasi- adj. resembling, seeming, half
besmirch v. to make dirty, to stain
imperative adj. extremely necessary, vitally important
sacrosanct adj. extremely holy
sadistic adj. deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others
demeanor n. behavior, manner of conducting oneself
facetious adj. comical, flippant, jocular, witty, joking
fop n. an excessively fashion-conscious man
imprecation n. a curse
non sequitur n. something that does not logically follow; fallacy; misconception
sanguine adj. cheerful, optimistic
bowdlerize v. to remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.
impair v. to weaken, deteriorate, damage, to cause to become worse
panegyric n. an expression of praise
quandary n. a puzzling situation, a dilemma
ebullient adj. enthusiastic
deference n. respect; consideration
carnal adj. relating to the physical appetite, especially sexual
nebulous adj. hazy, vague, uncertain
rakish adj. dashingly stylish and confident
elegy n. a sad or mournful poem
pedantic adj. tending to show off one's learning; Hermione Granger
antipathy n. an intense dislike
elucidate v. to make clear, explain, clarify
imminent adj. likely to happen, threatening, impending
banal adj. common, ordinary
obdurate adj. stubborn; hard-hearted
peruse v. to read carefully; scrutinize
bedlam n. a noisy uproar, commotion, a scene of wild confusion
affluence n. wealth, richness
scurrilous adj. coarsely abrasive; vulgar; indecent
parody n. a work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner
sedulous adj. hard working, diligent, studious, assiduous
onerous adj. burdensome, heavy, hard to endure
eschew v. to keep away from, avoid, shun
denouement n. an outcome, a result
amoral adj. lacking a sense of right and wrong
Created by: JadeFox


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