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MOP Admin

Final Vocab

Defendant The one being sued or charges against
Standard of Care It establishes whether the plantiff can collect damages in the case of negligence
TRICARE established to aid the depnedents of active duty service personnel, retired personnel and the dependents, and services personnel who died on active duty
Capitation When a health care provider is paid a fixed amount per month for each pt. who is a member of a particular insurance whether or not services were provided
Courteous Polite, respectful, or considerate in manner
Accurate Correct in all detail; exact
Felony A serious crime, punishable to life or possible death
Law a systme or rules that a particular county or community recognizes the actions if its members
Medical Coder An individual who uses a set of published codes such as HCPCS AND ICD-9 for reporting services and products provided by a health care provider to an insurer of the recipient of the care
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is an entry-level patient care provider in the field of emergency medical services
Dependable Trustworthy and reliable
Preponderance of evidence the great weight of the evidence required in a civil lawsuit for the trier of fact to decide in favor of one side or the other
Medical biller Responsible for the timely submission of technical or professional medical claims to insurance companies including physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, or other health care facility
Misdemeanor Punishable up to one year in a county or local pen
Copayment fixed amount of money paid toward the charge for professional sercies renderred at the time of service
CHAMPVA established for the spouses and dependent children of vets who have total, permanent service connected disability
Honest Refers to the moral character and brings positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfullness and straighforwardness
Surgical Technologist Allied health professionals, who are an intergal part of the team of medical practitioners providing surgical care to pt.'s in a veriety of settings
Case law the laws as established by the outcome of former cases
Respiratory Therapist Alled health field involved in the assessment and treatment of breathing disorders including chronic lung problems
Pharmacy Technician A pharmacy staff member who works undre the direct supervision of a licensed pharmacist and performs many pharmacy-related functions
Supremacy Clause A Supreme Court rulling to be binding on state courts if involving a constitutional issue
Assignment of benefits authorization by the pt. to allow the Dr. to get paid directly from the insurance company
Group insurance insurance offered to all employees by the employer
Patience The capacity to accept ot tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset
Plantiff initiantes a lawsuit
Dietitan an expert on diet and nutrition
Respectful Feeling or showing deference and respect
Confidential Intended to be kept secret
Audiologist are health care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage the measurement of hearing
Beyond a reasonable doubt Prosecution must prove that the defendant committed the act in a criminal/federal case
Coordination of benefits Procedures used by insurers to avoid duplication of payments on claims when a pt. has more than one insurance company
Effictive date date when the insurance policy goes into effect
Sonographer Diagnostic medical professionals who operate ultrasonic imaging devices to produce diagnostic images, scans, videos, or 3d volumes of anatomy
Deductible A predetermined amount that the insured must pay each year before the insurance company will pay for an accident or illness
Health Maintenance Organization a group insurance that entitles members to services provided by participation hospitals, clinics, and physicians
Initiative The ability to assess and initiate things independently
Workers Compensation government program that provides insurance coverage for thise who are injured on the job or who have developed work related disorders, disabilites or illnesses
Medicare Government funded insurance for the elderly and disabled and end of stage renal disease
Physical Therapist Therapist who treats injury or dysfunction with exercise and other physical treatments or the disorder
Pre-Certification Approval obtained before the pt. is admitted to the hospital or receives specified outpatient or in office procedures
Medicaid joint funding program by federal and stated government for the medical care of low income pt.'s on public assistance
Created by: bpstears