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European Hub Dates

Important European Events

1450 Invention of printing press (Gutenberg) => Renaissance
1492 Age of Discovery, Columbus lands in Americas, Inquisition
1517 Luther's 95 Theses => Protestant Reformation, Schmalkadic Wars
1555 Peace of Augsburg - German princes choose either Catholic or Lutheran
1588 Spanish Armada - Spain attacked England, England won under Phillip II
1600s Age of Absolutism
1618-48 30 Years' War - Catholics vs. Protestants, France won, included all but Britain
1648 Treaty of Westphalia - Ended 30 and 80 Years' Wars, Catholics Lutherans and now Calvinists all equal
1633 Scientific Revolution - Galileo and heliocentric, Kepler and eliptical orbts, Bacon and scientific method
1688-89 Glorious Revolution - Deposed of James II, English Bill of Rights limited the monarchy
1700 War of Spanish Succession begins with death of Charles II and appointment of grandson Philip V
1701-13 War of Spanish Succession over Spanish throne resulting in a shift in balance of power, Reign of Frederick I of Prussia
1740-48 War of Austrian Succession - Prussia (Frederick II) gained Silesia
1754/6-1763 French and Indian Wars, Seven Years' War
1750-1850 Industrial Revolution
1789 Fall of the Bastile => French Revolution
1815 Battle of Waterloo => Fall of Napolean Bonaparte
1848 European Revolutions - all except Britain, Poland, Netherlands, and Serbia
1871 Unification of Italy and Germany
1900s 2nd Industrial Revolution - Chemicals, automobile, plane
1914 Assassination of Ferdinand => Start of WWI
1917 Russian Revolution => End of Tsar Nicholas II
1918 German surrender, Versailles
1929 Crash of stock market => Great Depression
1939 Hitler attacks Poland => Start of WWII, Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact
1945 End of WWII, Cold War Begins, Yalta
1968 Student upheaval, Vietnam War climax, Prague Spring (Dubcek), President Nixon
1989-91 Fall of Berlin Wall and Communism
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