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CSCA - China

HUO GUO/MONGOLIAN HOT POT (FIRE POT) A two part pot for making a soup broth, in which thinly sliced, pieces of meat are cooked. The top compartment holds the liquid or broth for cooking raw meats and vegetables. The compartment under the chimney (tube) heats the ingredients very quickly.
JIAOZI (PEKING RAVIOLI) A meat or vegetable-filled dumpling made of thick dough, then is either steamed or boiled.
KAOLIANG A beverage made from sorghum wheat that it is similar to gin and very potent!
MU SHU PORK A dish consisting of shredded cabbage and pork that has strong flavors of leeks, onions, and garlic. The mixture is carefully wrapped in steamed pancakes and consumed.
PEKING (BEIJING) DUCK Roasted duck in which the skin must be crisp and the meat tender. The meat is broken up into small pieces, dipped in plum or hoisin sauce and then wrapped in a pancake with scallions.
BEAN THREADS or CELLOPHANE NOODLES Dried noodles made from mung beans.
CLOUD EARS or TREE EARS An edible fungus or mushroom that often comes dried, and is rehydrated with hot liquid. This product is used for its rubbery texture.
SZECHUAN PEPPERCORN or FAGARA A berry that belongs to the citrus family. This seasoning agent lends a spicy and floral taste, without adding too much heat.
FIVE-SPICE POWDER A combination of the 5 spices: Star anise, fennel, cloves, cinnamon, and Szechuan peppercorns.
GOLDEN NEEDLES Lily buds, also known as dried lily flowers, add texture and a tart flavor to soups.
STAR ANISE An eight-pointed, licorice flavored spice.
T’AI A tribe of people that migrated from Thailand into southwestern China.
YUNAN HAM A ham that’s heavily salted and smoked. It is similar in taste and texture to “Smithfield ham.”
BLACK VINEGAR Hailing from the Zhejiang region, this flavorful vinegar is fermented and aged for 2 years, but lacks the acidity of other aged vinegars, like balsamic. Chinkiang Black Vinegar
CONGEE A rice gruel similar to porridge and eaten for breakfast throughout China. Congee originated in the southeastern province of Fujian.
DRAGON WELL A green tea of very high quality, that a flowery taste and aroma.
IRON GODDESS OF MERCY A variety of oolong black tea, with short, shiny leaves, and that keeps longer than many other teas. This tea ranks among the most expensive teas in the world, retailing at $3,000 US dollars for 1 kilogram.
LAPSANG SOUCHONG A black tea from the Fujian province, that is smoked over pinewood fires to deliberately impart a smoky flavor.
RED COOKING A method of cooking pork in a braising medium that consists of dark soy sauce, rice wine, rock sugar, ginger, scallions, star anise, and tangerine peals. The sauce and meat take on a red hue.
TWICE COOKING A method of cooking where meat and vegetables are cooked in 350ºF oil for 1 minute to build texture and then later put back in to a very hot wok to stir fry.
DIM SUM This term translates into “Touch your Heart,” and is the custom of feasting on an assortment of pastries and dumplings. The tradition originated in China's teahouses.
GUOTIE or POTSTICKERS Dumplings that are seared first and then steamed. These dumplings originated in Canton
HOISIN SAUCE Made with brown soy beans and star anise, this sauce is often used as a barbecue marinade.
VELVETING A twice-cooking method where food is first cooked at a lower temperature (about 200ºF), for a short period of time (30 seconds) with an egg white, cornstarch, and sesame oil coating. The second cooking is usually stir fried using high heat.
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