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CSCA - Sicily

COUSCOUS (CUSCUSU) Ground semolina specialty featuring fish and bay leaves (rather than the meat and spice of Arab cuisines).
FARSUMAGRU Braised beef rolls filled with mortadella (Bologna) or sliced ham, hard-cooked eggs, onions, parsley, pork fat and caciocavallo cheese.
MATTANZA DEL TONNO The annual spring capture of tuna when fishermen in Sicily use dense nets to capture the Mediterranean blue fin tuna in a quasi-spiritual procedure known as the mattanza. This takes place in May and June, when the giant fish swim past the coasts.
CAPONATA Eggplant relish made with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and celery and a variety of local ingredients; served at room temperature.
CAPPERO DI PANTELLERIA IGP Capers grown on the island of Pantelleria. Brined in sea salt for 10 days. The capers release water and create a brine solution. Once drained, they are placed again under salt for 10 days after which they are ready to be consumed.
PECORINO SICILIANO DOP Pecorino Siciliano (Sheep's milk) - uncooked hard cheese, cylindrical in shape, and is used as a table cheese or for grating. Has somewhat of a dark rind with a white or yellow-white interior, sometimes with the addition of black pepper.
FRUTTA CANDITA Candied fruit.
MARZAPANE Marzipan (almond paste).
CASSATA Layers of sponge cake laced with liqueur and alternated with ricotta, candied fruit and grated chocolate.
CANNOLI Deep fried tubular shells, filled with creamy ricotta cheese that sometimes includes candied fruit or chocolate chips.
GRANITA Ice and fruit juices or coffee that are mixed into slush.
ZABAGLIONE Dessert custard made with Marsala.
MARSALA Fortified DOC wine from the province of Trapani. Can be either dry or sweet.
MALVASIA DELLE LIPARI Specialty wine from the Lipari or Aeolian Islands north of Messina. Different versions available, but best known as an amber colored dessert wine.
ARANCINI Balls of rice and cheese, sometimes with the addition of meat, breaded and fried.
ARANCIA ROSSA DI SICILIA IGP Blood oranges grown in Sicily.
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