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CSCA - Campania

NEAPOLITAN RAGÙ (RAGÙ) Rich tomato-meat sauce that cooks for hours.
POMODORO or PUMMAROLA Sauce made with fresh or canned San Marzano tomatoes gently cooked with a little olive oil and garlic or, less often, with onions.
PUTTANESCA Flavorful tomato sauce made with San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, oregano, hot red pepper, capers, black olives from Gaeta, and parsley.
GENOVESE A purée of onions flavored with the juices of braised meats.
VONGOLE (clams) or COZZE (mussels) Served either with tomatoes or with extra-virgin olive oil and garlic.
BISTECCA ALLA PIZZAIOLA Steak with a sauce of tomato, garlic and wild marjoram.
FRITTO DI PESCE Mixed fish fry.
PESCE ALL’ACQUA PAZZA “Fish in Crazy water” flavored with salt, garlic, parsley, olive oil and frequently, though not always, tomatoes.
CACIOCAVALLO SILANO A spun-curd semi-hard cows’ milk cheese, typically made from the milk of the podolica cow, a breed indigenous to inland Campania. The cheese looks like a round or oval bulbous sack tied off at the top.
MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA CAMPANA DOP A spun-curd, soft, pale white cheese made from the milk of the bufala, a water buffalo.
FIOR DI LATTE APPENNINO MERIDIONALE “Flower of milk from the Southern Apennines” is a kind of Mozzarella made with cows’ milk that is pale white, soft and elastic.
MOZZARELLA IN CARROZZA (“Mozzarella in a carriage”) Fior di Latte sandwich dipped in egg, fried in olive oil, sometimes with anchovies.
SARTU Elaborate rice-lined casserole with meatballs and chicken livers.
POMODORO S. MARZANO DELL'AGRO SARNESE-NOCERINO DOP A prized variety of plum tomato that is bright red, has firm pulp and few seeds.
LIMONE DI SORRENTO IGP and LIMONE COSTA D’AMALFI IGP Prized lemons from the Sorrentina Penninsula used to make Limoncello.
PIZZAS MARINARA/NAPOLETANA –Tomato, olive oil, oregano, & garlic. MARGHERITA –Tomato, olive oil, grated Parmigiano, mozzarella or fior-di-latte, & basil. FORMAGGIO E POMODORO –Tomato, olive oil, & grated Parmigiano.
RIPIENO RIPIENO/CALZONE –Ricotta, mozzarella or fior-di-latte, olive oil, & salami.
SFOGLIATELLE Shell-shaped flaky pastry sweet filled with ricotta and semolina, flavored with candied orange peel.
ZEPPOLE Kind of fried bigné, often served with pastry cream.
STRUFFOLI Fried honey-dipped dough balls.
PASTIERA A type of ricotta cheesecake made with wheat berries.
TAURASI DOCG Red wine made from the ancient Vitis hellenica today known as Aglianico.
GRECO DI TUFO DOCG White wine made from the varietal Greco.
FIANO D'AVELLINO DOCG White wine made from the varietal Fiano .
STREGA “Strega” means “witch” in Italian and it is a liqueur made from a recipe that mixes approximately 70 herbs and spices from Europe, Central America and Asia.
LIMONCELLO A traditional liqueur made from the peel of Campanian lemons, alcohol, water and sugar.
NOCELLO A liqueur made from Campanian walnuts.
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