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CSCA - Veneto

CARPACCIO Raw beef cut into paper thin slices.
SCAMPI Crustaceans from the Adriatic, prepared in a variety of ways.
BACCALÀ Salted cod dried on the rocks.
BACCALÀ MANTECATO Purée of cod, milk, oil, garlic.
STOCCAFISSO Air dried unsalted cod.
RADICCHIO Best-known regional vegetable and gastronomic specialty of Treviso, from the chicory family.
PIAVE Cooked curd, hard, cylindrical cows’ milk cheese that takes its name from a local river.
ASIAGO Cow’s milk cheese, nutty flavored. Two types: Pressato (fresh), made with whole milk, white in color; and Asiago d’Allevo (mature) made with part skim milk, yellowish is color.
MONTE VERONESE Medium aged (3 to 4 months) cow's milk cheese with a hard, straw-colored rind and a pliable white interior. Sweetly milky, with a creamy texture and a mild sharpness.
MONTASIO Traditional cheese used to make frico (fried cheese). Cow’s milk cheese, mild, delicate and somewhat fruity with a hint of nuts. 3 stages: Fresco, aged + 2 months, Mezzano , aged 5 to 10 months, and Stravecchio aged + 10 months and used for grtating.
RISI E BISI Rice and pea specialty.
SOFFRITO Fat and vegetable base for Risi e Bisi and other specialty dishes of the Veneto.
PASTA E FAGIOLI Bean soup with pasta
SOAVE (DOCG) Smooth, dry, straw yellow white wine, made from the Garganega grape
BARDOLINO (DOCG) Bright, ruby red, fresh taste, from variety of grapes, best drunk young.
VALPOLICELLA (DOC) Most popular red wine of Veneto, relatively full-bodied, from variety of grapes.
AMARONE Made with same grapes as Valpolicella, but partially dried for fuller taste. One of the great aged reds of the world.
PROSCIUTTO DI SAN DANIELE (DOP) Cured uncooked aged ham from the province of Udine.
GULASCH Spicy beef stew.
STRUKLI Italian strudel.
GUBANA Spiral-shaped sweet pastry with nuts and candied fruit.
GRAPPA Aquavit distilled from “vinacce” (grape pomace) often aged or flavored with herbs.
SPECK Smoked cured ham.
KNÖDELN Potato dumplings.
ZELTEN Sweet Christmas bread.
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