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CSCA - Lombary

PIZZOCHERI Buckwheat tagliatelle from Valtellina cooked with potatoes and Savoy cabbage, dressed with garlic-scented butter and sage and served with Bitto and latteria cheese.
OSSO BUCO Braised veal shank.
COSTOLETTA ALLA MILANESE Breaded pan-fried loin veal chop.
LESSO MISTO Mixed boiled meats, traditionally served with mostarda.
BUSECCA A tripe and giblet soup.
PORCINI Prized wild mushrooms (boletus edulis).
BITTO A hard cows’ milk cheese from the high pastures of Valtellina, often made with the small addition of sheep’s milk for a stronger taste.
GORGONZOLA A soft cows’ milk blue cheese produced using penicillium glaucum.
GRANA PADANO A hard cows’ milk grating cheese of the Grana family, the same family as Parmigiano-Reggiano.
TALEGGIO A full fat, soft, cows’ milk cheese with a mild and slightly aromatic flavor.
MASCARPONE A velvety, rich, delicately flavored cheese with the consistency of clotted cream.
MOSTARDA DI CREMONA Brightly colored candied whole fruits in a syrup flavored with various amounts of mustard seed.
MINESTRONE ALLA MILANESE Hearty vegetable soup traditionally containing rice.
GREMOLADA Traditional seasoning for Ossobuco containing parsley, garlic, lemon peel
POLENTA Corn meal mush, in Valtellina traditionally made with addition of buckwheat.
PANETTONE A light, high, airy cake with a dome-shaped top and is chock full of candied fruit and raisins.
TORRONE A famous nougat candy from Cremona made with almonds, honey, sugar, egg whites and wafers.
SASSELLA, GRUMELLO, INFERNO Red DOCG wines from Valtellina made with a local variety of Nebbiolo grape called Chiavennasca.
SFURZAT Same as the above but partially made from dried grapes, leading to a higher than usual alcohol content (minimum 14%) and very intense flavors.
CAMPARI A bright berry-red colored, bittersweet aperitif, which blends a selection of aromatic herbs, fruits and roots with spirits according to a secret recipe developed by the Lombard Gaspare Campari in 1860.
CHEESE FROM LOMBARDY Gorgonzola (Cow), Grana Padano (Cow), Taleggio (Cow), Mascarpone (Cow)
Created by: CSCAStudy