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CSCA - Emila Romagna

SFOGLIA Fresh pasta rolled out into a flat sheet.
TORTELLINI Filled ring-shaped pasta made by folding a square of pasta into a triangle, and then winding the triangle into a ring so that the points stick together like a miniature headscarf. A specialty of Bologna.
TAGLIATELLE Long ribbons of fresh, hand-rolled pasta, ¼-inch wide.
MALTAGLIATI Tagliatelle cut into irregular short pieces and served with beans or in soups.
EELS OF COMACCHIO Eels from the marshlands of Comacchio on the Adriatic.
PROSCIUTTO DI PARMA DOP Cured Parma ham. Most popular antipasto in Italy. Tender, sweet delicate flavor, deep pink in color with pure white fat.
MORTADELLA DI BOLOGNA IGP Oval or cylindrical sausage with smooth and uniformly pink interior with evenly distributed small pearly-white squares of fat.
ZAMPONE DI MODENA IGP Stuffed pig’s trotters, a tradition from Modena.
CULATELLO DOP made from the rear legs of the pig, using only the heart or center of the leg. Originally from Zibello a small town near Modena.
PANCETTA (PIACENTINA) DOP slightly spiced unsmoked bacon from the belly of the pig.
PORCHETTA Suckling pig traditionally cooked with rosemary and garlic or sage and garlic
PARMIGIANO-REGGIANO DOP King of the hard Grana-type cheeses. Made from a mixture of morning and evening milk from cows fed on fresh green grass and clover. Cheese drums aged 1 to 3 years.
ACETO BALSAMICO Tradizionale di Modena DOP Balsamic vinegar must be on the label for authentic balsamic vinegar from Modena. Also produced in the town of Reggio.
COPPA FERRARESE Specialty bread from Ferrara consisting of four twisted stick shapes with knotted dough center.
PADINA ROMAGNOLA Unleavened flat bread from Romagna.
FRITTO MISTO Means “mixed fry” an assortment of vegetables, meat or fish, anglaised, breaded or battered and deep-fried.
LAMBRUSCO Light red sparkling wine produced from various sub varieties of the Lambrusco grape in four DOC zones. Available in sweet or dry and red or rosé versions.
ALBANA DI ROMAGNA (DOCG) Italy’s first DOCG white wine; available dry, semi-dry, sweet and passito.
NOCINO Walnut liqueur.
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