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Provincial French

CSCA - Alsace, Lorraine

A L'ALSACIENNE Designates the presence of choucroute (sauerkraut) or foie gras.
CHOUCROUTE Sauerkraut made in Alsace from a local variety of cabbage known as the Chou Quintal.
CHOUCROUTE GARNI A local dish using the sauerkraut cooked with various charcuterie products and flavored with juniper berries and served with horseradish (raifort).
ASPARAGUS Both white and green are used throughout the region.
OIE Goose. The Strasbourg goose is a variety of the Toulouse goose (a large race) customarily fattened with noodles.
PATE DE FOIE GRAS Pate made with goose liver. Usually has a truffle in the middle.
PORCELET FARCI A LA PEAU DE GORET Roast stuffed pig no more than 2 months old.
CHARCUTERIE A general term which refers to pork products only. The range of charcuterie in Alsace is enormous.
CERVELAS All pork lightly smoked, smooth sausage, red skin (originally containing pig’s brain – hence the name).
KNACKWURST 50% pork, 30% beef, 20% fresh pork fat, seasoned with salt and cumin then smoked.
BRATWURST A sausage make of pork, beef and sometimes veal.
STRASBOURG Bigger and thicker version of the frankfurter.
METTWURST Mainly beef sausage with lean pork and fresh lard added to it.
LIVERWURST Sausage made with cooked, pureed liver.
BOUDIN A LA LANGUE Blood sausage with tongue.
PRESSKOPF Hog headcheese, usually sliced, served cold with vinaigrette.
JAMBON EN CRUTE Whole braised ham that is sliced and reassembled then wrapped in bread dough.
SCHIFELA Shoulder of pork served with bitter turnips.
BOUCHEE A LA REINE OR VOL-AU-VENT Puff pastry cases filled with chicken or ham with a creamy sauce.
BAECKEOFFE Large chunks of lamb, beef, and pork marinated in Riesling and cooked with onions and potatoes (in the baker’s oven).
SPAETZLE Similar to noodles; small curls of dough boiled and served with melted butter or fried golden in butter.
ZEWELWAI Onion custard tart with cream, eggs and bacon.
TARTE FLAMBÉE Kind of pizza made with cottage cheese, cream, onion, and bacon. Its German name is Flammekueche.
PRETZELS (BRETZELS) Can be sweet or savory.
BIREWECKE Rich bread made with dried pears, quetsche, prunes, figs, raisins, walnuts, lemon zest, cloves, and cinnamon
KUGELHOPF Light yeast cake with raisins and covered with flaked almonds.
TARTE ALSACIENNE Sweet custard tart with fruit.
KAFFEE KRANTZ Coffee cake (brioche type of cake).
SCHWOWEBREDLES Chopped almond biscuit flavored with rose water eaten at Christmas and shaped in Christmas trees, stars or wreaths.
PLUMS – Mirabelle: tiny, yellow, round and sweet. – Quetsche: large, purple blue color.
MUNSTER Soft, ripened washed rind cow's milk cheese with pungent smell.
WINES FROM THE ALSACE/LORRAINE REGION Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Sylvaner
RIESLING Wine of brilliant sweet/acid balance.
GEWÜRZTRAMINER Distinctively spicy to smell and taste with flavors of rose petals and grapefruit.
SYLVANER Ages very well and is crisp, light and fruity.
CREMANT D’ALSACE Sparkling wine from the Pinot blanc grape.
OTTROTT AND MARLENHEIM Red wines of the region.
EAU DE VIE Water of life
KIRSCH Eau de vie made from cherries
MIRABELLE Eau de vie made from tiny, yellow plum
QUETSCHE Eau de vie made from large, violet plum
GRATTE-CUL Eau de vie made from rose hip
FRAMBOISE Eau de vie made from raspberries
POIRE Eau de vie made from pears
BIERE Good beer is made in Alsace and Lorraine, mostly light beers, but a few dark; 90% of the production is exported.
QUICHE Custard savory tart with bacon.
TOURTE A LA LORRAINE Marinated veal and pork, bathed in a custard, and baked inside a crust.
OMELETTE LORRAINE Eggs, cream, Swiss cheese, bacon and herbs.
BABA AU RHUM Sweet cake that is an outgrowth of the Kugelhopf, doused in rum and set on fire.
MADELEINE OF COMMERCY Small shell pastries made of sponge cake.
MACARONS Small round meringue cookies.
BERGAMOTE Pulled candy flavored with bergomote oil from the peel of a small acidic orange.
DRAGEES Almonds coated with hard sugar.
GEROME Same type of Munster cheese but made only in Lorraine.
FROMGEY Cottage cheese eaten spread on bread and sprinkled with chopped onions and shallots.
VITTEL & CONTREXEVILLE Natural non-bubbly spring waters.
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