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Provincial French

CSCA - The Mountains - Savoy, Dauphine, Auvergne, Limousin

TETE DE MOINE Monk’s head mushrooms
FIAISE DES BOIS Tiny wild strawberries.
NOIX Walnuts
MARRONS Chestnuts
A LA DOUPHINOISE With potatoes
POMMES DE TERRE DAUPHINOISE Thinly sliced potatoes mixed with milk (crème fraiche), salt and pepper, nutmeg, beaten eggs, and Gruyère.
A LA SAVOYARDE With potatoes
OMELETTE A LA SAVOYARDE Sliced potatoes fried in butter made like a griddle cake with a shaving of Gruyere cheese.
GRATIN SAVOYARDE Same as Pommes de terre Dauphinoise but with stock instead of milk.
GRATIN Designates a crust.
FARCON Sweetened white potatoes baked in an oven.
CARDOON Artichoke-like vegetable
REBLOCHON Uncooked, pressed, full cream raw cow’s milk cheese.
TOMME DE SAVOIE Any of a number of big, round cow’s milk cheese with gray rind and mild nutty taste. Tomme or tome is a generic local term for cheese.
OMBLE CHEVALIER Fish similar to trout but actually an artic char, native to this region.
GRIVES Little birds, berry eaters with a taste of juniper berries.
MIEL Honey
CHEESES FROM THE DAUPHIN & SAVOY Reblochon and Tomme de Savoie
A LA GRENOBLOISE Garnish of noisette butter with capers, tiny croutons, and pieces of peeled lemon meats.
POGNE A pastry with either a fruit or squash. It can also refer to a type of brioche.
BISCUIT DE SAVOY Simple separated sponge cake.
CHARTREUSE Herb liqueur from Dauphine made by the Carthusian monks. There are 2 types, green and yellow.
KIRSCH Cherry brandy.
EVIAN Very light non-bubbly water from Savoy.
A LA LIMOUSIN Garnish of red cabbage braised with chestnuts.
LIMOUSIN CATTLE High quality beef from the region
LIEVRE A LA ROYALE “Hare fit for a king”; hare stuffed with its liver, heart, lungs, blood, and with goose foie gras, pork fat, bread crumbs, chopped onions, truffles, parsley, garlic; served with a sauce made of game stock, Armagnac, and slices of truffles.
CLAFOUTI Unpitted cherry custard tart.
LE PUY Tiny grey green lentils, considered the best in the world.
SOUPE AUX CHOU Cabbage soup
TRIPOUX Tripe stuffed sheep feet tied with intestines and braised.
TOURTE A LA VIANDE Chopped pork and veal and cooked in a pastry shell.
OEUFS A L'AUVERGNATE Poached egg served on cabbage cooked in lard and fried sausage.
POTEE Cabbage soup/stew with pork meats and turnips, onions, leeks, potatoes, garlic.
TRUFFADO/E Potatoes fried in lard, seasoned with garlic and pieces of cheese.
ALIGOT Similar to Truffado, mashed potatoes, garlic, and fresh cheese.
CHEESES FROM AUVERGNE Cantal (Cow), St. Nectaire (Cow), Bleu d'Auvergne (Cow), Fourme d'Ambert (Cow's blue)
CANTAL Very large hard cow’s milk cheese.
ST. NECTAIRE Small, round, soft cow’s milk cheese.
BLEU D'AUVERGNE Cow’s milk cheese like Roquefort cheese.
FOURME D'AMBERT Tall, cylindrical bleu cheese, sharp in taste, a cow’s milk cheese.
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