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E6-Policy and Regs

CGTO PG-00-85-110, COMDTINST 13020.1G

refers to a program of disciplined logic to realize the inherent reliability capabilities of equipment being maintained. RELIABILITY-CENTERED MAINTENANCE(RCM)
It is recommended that approximately how much fuel from each drain be inspected using a clear, clean, dry glass container? one pint
Fuel samples shall be kept for how long? 24 hours or until another fuel sample is taken from that tank
To ensure that engines will not be susceptible to fuel starvation due to ice in the fuel system this chemical is mandatory? Fuel System Icing Inhibitor, MIL-DTL-85470B
MIL-DTL-85470B Fuel System Icing Inhibitor
What is the normal level of fuel system icing inhibitor in turbine fuel (FSII)? 0.10-0.15 percent by volume
Introduction of Fuel System Icing Inhibitor, MIL-DTL-85470B will lower the flash point of JP-5 by how much and will inhibit what? 4-degrees Fahrenheit and will inhibit the growth of bacteria
Interval tracking shall be accomplished using what system or the calibration facility tracking list? Asset Computerized Maintenance System (ACMS) special requirements
is an unclassified short name referring to investigations and studies of compromising emanations? TEMPEST Program
What form will be used by maintenance administrators for interpreting and/or amplifying technical directives and maintenance requirements received from higher authority and also to promulgate local instructions as necessary? SF OPNAV 4790/35
Whenever any maintenance instruction has served its purpose, it should be canceled and filed for how long after completion date? 6 months after completion date.
may be prepared when a directive or situation dictates that specific work must be performed on a one-time basis. Single Action Maintenance Instruction (SAMI)
The work will be completed on one aircraft model or piece of equipment and will not require further action. Single Action Maintenance Instruction (SAMI)
a local directive providing instructions for the performance of work which is or may be of a continuing nature. Continuing Action Maintenance Instruction (CAMI)
may be prepared when a directive or situation dictates that specific work must be performed at recurring intervals, or upon the occurrence of a particular condition Continuing Action Maintenance Instruction (CAMI)
may be prepared when a directive or situation requires that technical information be promulgated within an activity. Technical Information Maintenance Instruction (TIMI)
The purpose of the is program to ensure the safety of aviation personnel through the prevention of aircraft mishaps and FOD to aircraft systems that is caused by misplaced tools? tool control program
Aviation tools will be of such quality that they meet or exceed what expectation? Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Standards
Structural repairs are authorized to what type of structures as specified in applicable maintenance publications? tertiary and secondary structures
In the event that a unit does not have an AVGFE Program and the need to enter a fuel tank exists, the requirements of this program may be accomplished by whom? a certified marine chemist, an industrial hygienist, or a certified gas free engineer
An air station is only required to maintain an AVGFE Program where it is reasonable to anticipate what? routine entry into aircraft fuel tanks
AVGFE shall maintain all records for how long? 3 years
How many supervised on-the-job training for each type aircraft assigned to obtain AVGET certification? minimum of three
AVGFET certification is valid for how long? one year.
is defined as any part, assembly, or installation equipment containing a critical characteristic whose failure, malfunction, or absence could cause an uncommanded engine shutdown or catastrophic failure resulting in loss of or serious damage to the aircra AVIATION CRITICAL SAFETY ITEMS (CSI)/FLIGHT SAFETY CRITICAL AIRCRAFT PARTS (FSCAP) PROGRAM CSI/FSCAP
Chemicals required for specific repairs or modifications shall be in accordance with? Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
Chemicals required for specific repairs or modifications which are not listed on the aircraft ACL are authorized for how long? limited basis
Lathes, milling machines, and similar types of equipment that produce cuttings or flying particles should be set? at 15-degree angles to each other
Lighting in the immediate areas must be adequate to? eliminate glare or shadows.
Metal hood type guards shall enclose how far of the abrasive wheel? two-thirds
Tool rests shall be adjusted to provide a minimum of what clearance from abrasive wheel grinding surface? 1/8-inch
The Battery Shop location must be approved by whom? ground safety director, fire inspector chief, and medical officer
Which battery shops will be mechanically ventilated to provide three to four air changes per hour in order to ensure the removal of any hydrogen gas generated as a result of charging? Nickel-cadmium
Nickel-cadmium battery shops will be mechanically ventilated how frequent in order to ensure the removal of any hydrogen gas generated as a result of charging? three to four air changes per hour
Vented nickel-cadmium batteries shall be isolated from what? vented lead-acid batteries
Which batteries can be charged in the same battery room or area as long as a minimum of 5 feet of clearance is maintained between the different batteries? Sealed lead-acid batteries and sealed nickel-cadmium batteries
Sealed lead-acid batteries and sealed nickel-cadmium batteries can be charged in the same battery room or area as long as a minimum of what clearance is maintained between the different batteries? 5ft
In Battery Shops what shall be constructed of acid resistant material or painted with acid resistant paint? Floors and battery racks
Oxygen cylinder storage shall be separate from fuel-gas cylinders or combustible materials (especially oil or grease) by at least what distance? 20 feet
Oxygen cylinder storage shall have a fire-resistance rating of? at least 1/2 hour
Oxygen cylinder storage shall or have a noncombustible barrier of at least what distance? 5 feet high
All paint spray booths that provide water wash facilities will have a minimum of what across the face of the booth? 200 fpm linear air velocity
Paint storage containers of what capacity will be used for storing paints and dopes? not more than 5 gals.
What type of fire extinguishers are most effective in putting out solvent fires? Carbon dioxide (CO2)
What gas should be used for purging solvent gases from equipment or piping systems and in welding of solvent containers? Nitrogen
The criteria for lighting minimums are found in what references? IESNA Lighting Handbook and ANSI-Industrial Lighting RP-7
Combustible materials shall not be stored or allowed to accumulate in air or elevator shafts, stairways, in out-of-the-way corners, near electric motors or machinery, against steam pipes, or within how many feet of any stove, furnace, or boiler? 10 feet
Existing static grounds should be tested how frequent utilizing the proper equipment and procedures? every 24 months
Flight line certified static grounds should be tested to the required standard of less than how many ohms? 10,000 ohms
Hangar deck certified power grounds should be tested to the current standard of less than how many ohms? 25 ohms
Static grounding points with a resistance reading of greater than 10,000 ohms or a certified power ground with a reading of greater than 25 ohms should be handled how? removed from service and legibly marked as out of service
Ensure a serviceable 125/150 lb wheeled PKP fire extinguisher or equivalent is placed within how many feet of the LOX servicing operation? 50 ft
When pressure refueling is used, dipping shall be avoided for at least what length of time after completion of the refueling operation? three minutes
Engine driven power units shall be shut down when to connecting or disconnecting external power cables to the aircraft? prior
The supervisor may double as either the vehicle driver or one of the wing walkers for which aircrafts? HU-25, MH-65, MH-60
The supervisor may not double as either the vehicle driver or one of the wing walkers for which aircrafts? HC-130 and HC-144
For HC-130 towing operations, another qualified person shall be assigned to do what? maintain auxiliary hydraulic system pressure utilizing the hand pump.
The taxi signalman has a definite position to maintain when directing aircraft, where is he positioned? This position should be slightly ahead and in line with the wing tip on the pilot's side of the aircraft
Hot fueling operations are not allowed within how many feet of an occupied building? 200 ft
What is the order of precedence of the technical publications used in the Coast Guard? a. COMDT Instructions, numerically b. Airframe type (i.e., HC-130, MH-60) c. Air Force general publications d. Navy general publications e. Army general publications f. Commercial and miscellaneous publications
Distributed by expedited means to all units under distribution for the publication RAC (Rapid Action Change)
normally involve possible safety of flight or faulty equipment items RAC (Rapid Action Change)
Normally distributed in a message format and will require immediate action RAC (Interim Rapid Action Change)
is a complete new edition of an existing TO and has a new basic date. It includes existing changes and replaces any supplements listed in the replacement note on the title page revision
Normally, a TO is revised when the pages affected by existing changes, in addition to pages requiring change, total what percentage of the technical order 50% or more
are issued to augment or change data in the basic TOs that are not adaptable to the inclusion of individual change pages Supplements
includes all data in supplements previously issued and supersede the preceding supplements Cumulative supplements
does not include information in supplements previously issued and do not supersede a preceding supplement Noncumulative supplements
is assigned the first element in the standard numbering system Chapter or System
shall be identified by the second element in the standard numbering system Subsystems or sections
shall be identified by the third element in the standard numbering system Subsystem/Subjects
are not preassigned; these numbers and their sequence may be selected by the manufacturer to fit the coverage requirements of their publication Sub-Subsystem/Subject numbers
airframe and engine operating time and cycle information AFTO 781J
how long do you retain the information on the AFTO 781J? 1 year
Where can the 781J Web report be accessed? Aviation Logistics Management Information System (ALMIS)
the log your man won't enter the date of flight, total flight time, and landings on the MH-65 Operating Time and Cycles Documentation Sheet using data from what web report? DSS 781J
This computer generated report lists all serial number tracked components on an aircraft major assembly ACMS Configuration Report
Where can the MDL be accessed? ALMIS DSS Web Report
this computer generated report meetings record of significant maintenance actions on SNT items Significant Component History Report (SCHR)
this form shall be used for submitting recommended changes to flight manuals AF Form-847
All dates will be recorded on all EAL forms by month, day, and year i what format? two numbers for month, two numbers for day, and four numbers for year
Paper forms will be retained at the unit for how long after entry into EAL and then may be destroyed? 90 days
If ground checks are the only requirement for the release for flight, the QA briefing and functional check complete certifications do not require what? a signature
In preparation for flyaway operations and periods of non-connectivity, each unit shall maintain a sufficient number of printed forms on-hand to enable normal asset flight and maintenance operations for a period of? 1 week
Selective use of individual forms is authorized for periods not exceeding how long in duration? 4 hours
All paper logbook forms will be used for periods of non-connectivity exceeding how many hours in duration? 4 hours
is always located on the inside of the paper logbook binder so that it is the first document seen when the logbook is opened Deferred Maintenance Record
Type1 Materiel must be requisitioned in what? AMMIS
The Allowance List prescribes the content and quantity of materiel a unit may stock; replacement Subsequent Type 2, 4, 6, and 7 materiel is requisitioned how? from ALC at no cost to the unit, via AMMIS
Air stations will retain all material request/issue forms that document a mechanic requesting the part from supply for how long? for 3 years
Which requisitions are selected for immediate shipment and will be filled as long as there are parts on the ALC shelf? Priority 2
Which requisitions will be filled if there are more than two parts on the ALC shelf? Priority 5
Which requisitions will be filled if there are more than five parts on the ALC shelf? Priority 12
The purpose of this program is to repair aircraft requiring unscheduled work beyond the capability of unit maintenance facilities. Aircraft Heavy Repair
Severe corrosion damage, structural failures, and crash damage are examples of the type of repairs placed in this category Aircraft Heavy Repair
All changes or modifications to aircraft must be reviewed by the appropriate technical authority at ALC and approved via what type of process? the ACCB process
Any changes or modifications that could adversely affect structural loads, aerodynamic characteristics, weight and balance, or performance will be thoroughly documented, and mitigation of these affects will be detailed in What type of submission? ACCB submission
The ACMS database is comprised of which three categories? maintenance requirements, maintenance history, and maintenance actions
Towing capacity is normally stated in drawbar pull. As a rule of thumb maximum aircraft weight that the tractor can handle is how many times the drawbar pull? 10 times
The refueler shall stay at a distance equal to the length of the hose. At no time shall a refueler proceed closer than what distance to an aircraft? 10 ft
Refuelers shall not be parked closer than what distance from any structure during fueling? operations. 50 ft
this tags attached to and identify serviceable equipment DD-1574 Serviceable Tag (Orange)
this tag will be attached to an unserviceable item upon removal and will remain attached to all maintenance processing until the item is serviceable, except at ALC DD-1577-2 Unserviceable Tag (Green)
this tag will be attached to a non serviceable item that is non repairable at ALC and will be sent to an outside vendor or manufacturer for it DD-1577-2 Unserviceable Tag (Blue)
data for the EAL system is provided by the user and is available to all users in the form of reports, charts, and graphs for what system? decision support system (DSS)
where is the decision support system (DSS) located? ALMIS
how frequent are all air stations required to perform a review of the only if users assigned groups and roles report to ensure each member has the appropriate level of access? yearly
request for changes to the ALMIS system shall be submitted via the unit chain of command to what division? ALC Information Systems Division (ISD)
as a precaution to EAL service interruptions and to ensure asset operations are not negatively affected, how frequent are all maintenance records backed up? a minimum of once per day
what publication provides in-depth direction for conducting EAL contingency operations? MPC 00EAL.0
where are specific procedures for the use of EAL records found? HELP section of the EAL
where are paper log book instructions located? EAL forms folder within ALMIS and at the end of chapter 5 of CGTO PG-00-85-110
what color ink is only authorize for paper forms? black
what three color text are authorized in EAL? blue, green, red
how long are paper log forms retained? 90 days after entry into EAL, then are destroyed
parts pending discrepancies must have a non-flight-essential part requisitioned, and a part requisition number must be provided with and what time frame? 72 hours
this record is always located on the inside of the paper log book binder so that is the first document scene when the log book is open deferred maintenance record
on the missions schedule what is "local ramp time"? normally 30 minutes prior to departure time utilize for crew/ mission brief
paper log book record templates and instructions are available where? EAL under the heading EAL Forms
which publication listed in the master publication index which are suggestive in nature only and cannot be ordered through TIMOS? COMDTINST
what are the allowable pH level limits in water for wash racks at air stations? between 6-8
what is the recommended temperature of the water for aircraft washing? Between 120-140 degrees
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