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Provincial French

CSCA - Southwest 2 - Languedoc, Gascony, Bearn, Pays Basque

BEURRE DE GASCOGNE Goose fat or duck fat mixed with a lot of garlic.
OMELETTE GASCONNE Omelette with diced non-smoked ham, sliced goose fat, garlic and parsley.
PALOMBE Wild dove, cooked in paper boxes, sizzled in their own fat and eaten whole.
PIPERADE Tomatoes, onion, green and red chiles, and eggs.
PIMENT D'ESPELETTE France’s only native pepper.
TTORO Fish stew made from a variety of small fish, mussels, garlic, tomatoes and flavored with mild or hot peppers.
CHIPIRONES Squid usually cooked in ink or stuffed.
JAMBON DE BAYONNE Cured salted ham from Bayonne. Usually eaten raw sometimes used to flavor stews and sauces.
A LA BASQUAISE Garnish of cèpes, sautéed potatoes, and chopped Bayonne ham.
LOULINKA Small garlic sausage.
TRIPOTCHKA Blood pudding made from veal, paprika, nutmeg and parsley.
PASTIZA Round butter cake originally made from cherries and filled with pastry cream.
POULE AU POT Stuffed boiled chicken derived from King Henri IV’s declaration “a chicken in every pot”.
GARBURE A popular vegetable soup or stew in Gascony. It has many variations but contains many vegetables and usually some meat such as bacon, ham, or confit. It is made in an earthenware pot with a glazed interior and is served over a thin slice of stale bread.
OULIAT Soup meaning “unctuous” made with onions, garlic and egg yolks
COUSINETTE Soup made with chicory, chard, sorrel and leeks.
ESTOUFFAT Stew made with beef marinated in red wine and Armagnac, also contains Bayonne ham and is thickened with chocolate.
BROYO Cornmeal mush similar to polenta; the main starch of Bearn (also popular in Gascony).
SAUCE BEARNAISE Small sauce based on a hollandaise in which tarragon is added; originally from the Ile-de-France.
CASSOULET "Casserole” A white bean dish with meat. CASTELNAUDARY: White beans with fresh pork, ham, pork rind, goose confit, and pork sausage. CARCASSONNE: All the above w/ lamb, and partridge. TOULOUSE: Pork meat, and Toulouse sausage, with wine and garlic.
A LA LANGUEDOCIENNE Garnish of tomatoes, eggplant, and cèpes, flavored with garlic.
AILLADE Local name for aioli.
BRANDADE (Brandade de Morue) Emulsion of salt cod, olive oil, cream, and garlic; served with croutes.
TIELLES Little pies filled with mussels, squid and anchovy, served with aillade.
AGEN PRUNES glazed prunes filled with plum cream flavored with Armagnac and vanilla.
ROQUEFORT Blue cheese made from sheep's milk, in Roquefort-Sur-Soulzon, aged in limestone caves.
ARMAGNAC Brandy made by continuous distillation of single varietal wines, also the Ugni blanc grape.
FLOC DE GASCOGNE Similar to Pineau de Charentes but made with Armagnac.
FAMOUS MINERAL WATER FROM LANGUEDOC PERRIER – Natural spring water from Languedoc.
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