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Provincial French

CSCA - Burgundy

DIJON MUSTARD An ancient condiment; Dijon is the greatest mustard making center in France.
CHAROLLAIS BEEF Considered one of the best breeds of beef cattle in France.
ESCARGOTS Snails usually prepared with snail butter (shallots, garlic, parsley, butter, salt, and pepper).
BOEUF A LA BOURGUIGNONNE Beef cooked in a red wine sauce with pearl onions, mushrooms, and bacon.
JAMBON PERSILLE Terrine of cooked chunks of ham with a parsley jelly of white wine
MORVAN HAM Air-dried ham from the Morvan forest.
MEURETTE General name for red wine sauces that are basic to Burgundian cooking. Typically, it is a well-spiced red wine sauce, thickened with flour and butter and served with eggs, fish, and beef, thereby breaking the tradition of a red sauce only for red meat.
SAUPIQUET A highly seasoned white wine and cream sauce made with herbs, garlic, shallots, vinegar, and juniper; usually served with slices of Morvan Ham.
POULET DE BRESSE Blue-footed chicken that is corn fed and considered to be the best tasting chicken in France.
ECREVISSES Fresh water crayfish
SAUCE NANTUA Crayfish béchamel sauce usually served with quenelles.
PAUCHOUSE Fish stew made with white wine, onions, garlic, and cream.
MOUSSERON Brown-gold mushrooms that grow wild in the fields. They are also known as fairy ring mushrooms.
OEUFS A LA DIJONNAISE hard cooked eggs, similar to our deviled eggs but with mustard, cream, shallots, herbs and a drop of champagne vinegar, served warm.
RIGODON Type of fruit and walnut custard.
PETS DE NONNE Beignets: deep fried balls of batter.
PAIN D'EPICE Honey spice bread dating back to the time of the Dukes of Burgnudy.
GOUGERE Choux paste with lots of Gruyère.
CASSISSINES Small black currant flavored sweets from Dijon.
ANIS DE FLAVIGNY Tiny egg shaped aniseed candy.
CITEAUX Yellow-red rind cheese, soft and mild in flavor; made by the Cistercian monks.
CHAOURCE Round whole cow’s milk cheese, very rich.
ST. FLORENTIN A white soft cow’s milk.
EPOISSE Yellow-orange cow’s milk cheese regularly washed with marc (grape brandy).
CANCOILLOTTE Skimmed cow’s milk cheese spread made with whey mixed with butter, white wine, and garlic.
VACHERIN (MONT D'OR) Very creamy cow’s milk cheese.
COMTE Cows milk cheese, very fruity, Gruyère or Swiss type of cheese.
MORBIER A pressed cow’s milk cheese from the mountains, very fruity.
A LA LYONNAISE With onions
A LA DIJONNAISE With mustard
IMPORTANT CHEESES OF BURGUNDY/JURA Comte (Cow), Morbier (Cow), Epoisse (Cow)
GRAPES USED IN BURGUNDIAN WINES Pinot noir (Red), Gamay (Beaujolais), Chardonnay (White), Aligote (White)
FAMOUS WINE REGIONS IN BURGUNDY Cote D'Or (Cote de Nuits and Cote de Beaune), At Chalon (North Slope/South Slope), Rhone (Beaujolais), Yonne (White wines - Chablis and Aligote)
SPIRITS OF BURGUNDY Crème de Cassis (Black Currants), Kir (Cocktail of Crème de Cassis and still or sparkling white wine), Marc de Bourgogne (distillation of grape residue), Ratafia (Marc de Bourgogne plus grape juice)
MINERAL WATER FROM BURGUNDY Vichy - Mineral water from the town of Vichy.
QUENELLES Poached fish dumplings.
POMMES DE TERRE A LA LYONNAISE Boiled potatoes sliced and fried in butter plus onions which are fried separately in butter and then combined.
MAJOR INFLUENCES Mustard, Beef, Wine, Cream
MATEFAIM A cross between a normal cake and a crepe, they can be either sweet or savory.
GALETTE Lemony flat bread served as a snack.
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