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Provincial French

CSCA - Touraine

TOURAINE'S NICKNAME(S) The hearland or garden of France
MATELOTE A LA TOURANGELLE Eel stew with onions browned in butter, with marc and Chinon wine.
FRITURE Fried, tiny whole fish called Gudgeon
GROS DAMAS Finest plums made into prunes in France, from the Tours area.
VINEUIL Large, white asparagus native to this area.
BELLES DE LOUVRE Green asparagus.
CHASSELAS White table grapes from the Loire valley.
CHAMPIGNON DE PARIS Tiny, crisp white button mushrooms grown in caves.
FRICASSEE White meat that is lightly salted, sprinkled with flour, sautéed in butter, but not allowed to brown.
CHARCUTERIE Usually refers to pork products but in the Loire it refers to all types of meat products.
BOUDIN BLANC Sausage made with the breast of chicken in Touraine.
ANDOUILLETTES Tripe sausage (Tripe is the peritoneal liming of a cow’s stomach).
RILLETTES The most important of the charcuterie products, this is shredded pork braised in lard and eaten cold with bread.
SANG DE POULET AUX OIGNONS From medieval times, a fricassee of chicken finished with chicken blood and onions.
COQ AU VIN Chicken usually made with Chinon (red wine of area), mushrooms, bacon and pearl onions.
JAMBON DE VOLAILLE A cold boned stuffed chicken leg cooked in wine and eaten cold.
BEURRE BLANC Emulsified butter sauce made with an acid/shallot reduction.
FOUACES Originally a flat cake baked in the ashes of the fireplace, this has evolved into an enriched dough. Different versions can be found throughout France.
CERNEAUX AU VERJUS Green walnuts steeped in the juice of green grapes with chopped chervil.
PITHIVIERS Puff pastry with ground almond filling from the town of Pithiviers in Orleans.
TARTE TATIN Inverted apple tart from Demoiselles Stephanie and Caroline Tatin in Orleans.
MACARONS DE CORMERY Meringue cookie from the Abbey of Cormery in Touraine.
PRALINE Originally almonds and caramel. Today refers to any nuts and caramel mixture then ground into a powder.
CHEESES OF TOURAINE Fromage de chevre (AOC), Crottin de Chavignol (round shape), Le Pouligny St. Pierre (pyramid shape), Le Selles Sur Cher (cone shaped)
VINAIGRE DE VIN D'ORLEANS Pure wine vinegar.
ANJOU PEAR Pear from the region.
CHOU VERT Green cabbage
CREMETS Cream cheese eaten as dessert with sugar or salt.
FRESSURE VENDEENNE Lungs, liver, spleen chopped up and mixed with pig's blood, cooked slowly in lard and eaten cold.
POTEE A LA TETE DE PORC Forerunner of headcheese, pig's head cut into pieces and eaten sprinkled with sea salt and a dash of vinegar.
CHAUDREE Fish soup or stew with white wine, onions, butter, garlic and spices.
CHOUEE Green cabbage dish with butter.
CHABICHOU Small goat cheese of Poitou.
WINES FROM TOURAINE, ORLEANS, ANJOU, & MAINE Vouvray (White), Mont Louis (White), Chinon (Red), Borgueil (Red), Sancerre (White), Pouilly-Fume (White), Saumur (White), Coteaux de la Loire (White), Coteaux du Layon (White), Rose d'Anjou, Saumur Champigny (Sparkling), Muscadet (White)
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