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Provincial French

CSCA - Normandy/Brittany

GRAISSE NORMANDE The older chief cooking medium of Normandy made up of melted pork fat, and fat from beef kidneys combined with essences of fresh vegetables, herbs, salt and pepper.
POULET VALLEE D'AUGE Roasted chicken finished with a Calvados cream sauce.
CONFITURE DE LAIT Milk simmered with sugar to make a sweet spread, similar to dulce de leche.
CREVETTES GRIS Small sweet shrimp from the town of Honfleur.
DEMOISELLES DE CHERBOURG Large lobsters from Cherbourg.
CAIEU Giant variety of mussel
HOMARD Lobster
PALOURDE Clam found all along the coast, similar to little neck clams.
DIEPPOISE Addition of mussels.
MATELOTE A LA NORMANDE A saltwater fish stew made with cider, butter, and cream.
CANARD A LA ROUENAISE Special preparation of duck in which the breast is cooked quite rare and a sauce is made from the bones, liver, shallots and red wine.
OMELETTE DE LA MERE POULARDE Very large creamy omelette cooked with plenty of butter over an open fire.
OMELETTE A LA NORMANDE Omelette with cooked apples and heavy cream flavored with Calvados.
ANDOUILLE Tripe sausage (Tripe is the peritoneal liming of a cow’s stomach).
TRIPE A LA MODE DE CAEN Tripe stew with vegetables.
FETE A COCHON Feast held the Sunday after the pig slaughter in which every dish comes from the pig.
PRES SALES Sheep raised on the salt marshes.
FILET MIGNON SAINT AMANT Beef fillets sautéed in butter, flambéed with cognac and served on a crouton spread with duck liver.
CAMEMBERT A soft uncooked cheese similar to Brie; the most important cheese of Normandy.
PONT L EVEQUE Soft cow’s milk cheese and second most important cheese of Normandy.
LIVAROT Washed rind cheese with strong smell and flavor. Third most important cheese, oldest of the Normandy cheeses.
NEUFCHATEL Soft creamy cheese, somewhat similar to cream cheese.
CALVADOS Apple brandy.
LE TROU NORMAND The Normand Hole. Pause in the meal so that one can drink Calvados and eat more.
BENEDICTINE An herbal liqueur from the Abbey of Fécamp.
POMMEAU Unfermented grape juice added to Calvados to stop fermentation then aged.
CIDER Apple cider, ranging from sweet to hard to dry to sparkling.
TWO TYPE OF OYSTERS FROM BRITTANY Belon or Portugaise (Japanese)
GATEAU BRETON Traditional butter, filled with fruit jam and a crisscross pattern on the top.
KOUIGN AMANN Bread, butter and sugar cake, a traditional butter cake, made similar to puff pastry.
LE FLORON Bread made with wheat, rye and buckwheat flour marked with a “hermine” the Breton fleur-de-lys.
COTRIADE White fish and potato and onion stew.
HOMARD A L'AMERICAINE Lobster dish with a sauce of tomatoes, onions, shallots, garlic and parsley.
CREPES Used extensively in Breton cooking and almost always made with Buckwheat flour, called “The Bread of Brittany”. Can also be made with wheat four. They can be both sweet and savory.
A LA BRETONNE Connotes use of white beans or white bean purée as an accompaniment.
GUERANDE SALT Sea salt considered one of the best in the world.
SOLE NORMANDE Sole poached with a garnish of mussels, shrimp, and mushrooms and of course, finished in cream
A LA NORMANDE With cream
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