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Intensive French

CSCA - Nouvelle Cuisine

NOUVELLE New food movement occurring in the late 1960s to early 1970s. Classical French techniques changed to modern.
HENRI GAULT Restaurant food critic coined, term “nouvelle.”
CHRISTIAN MILLAU Restaurant food critic, coined term “nouvelle.”
PAUL BOCUSE Father of Nouvelle, responsible for what was called a personal cuisine.
MICHEL GUERARD Cuisine of thinness, cuisine minceur.
REDUCTION SAUCES The style of sauces that reflects nouvelle cuisine.
CAVIAR Egg or roe from sturgeon. In order to be considered caviar, the roe must be from the sturgeon.
BELUGA Type of sturgeon. Beluga roe is considered to be the best eggs from all of the sturgeons. Color graded 000 for lightest to 0 for darkest.
SEVRUGA Most common sturgeon. Smallest roe. Dark grey to black (most preferred).
OSETRA Type of sturgeon. Medium-sized roe. Golden brown, bottle green, slate gray to bluish white. Most intense flavor.
PAYUSNAYA Pressed caviar. Pressed because roe is imperfect. Pressed and hung in linen bag. Spreadable. Russians love it.
MALOSSOL “Lightly salted.” Label must indicate no more than 5% salt.
STURGEON Many species. The fish from which caviar comes.
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