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Intensive French

CSCA - Haute 1 & 2

HAUTE CUISINE High cuisine – the highest form of French cuisine.
CAREME Father of Haute Cuisine (Marie Antónin [Antoine] Carême, 1783–1833).
PIECE MONTEE Centerpiece. It was the trademark of Carême’s architectural genius.
BALLOTINE Usually a fowl, boned with the exception of the drumsticks and the wings, filled with forcemeat, baked or roasted and served hot or warm. Similar to Galantines but always served hot.
COULIBIAC Antoine Carême was inspired to develop this dish from his stay in Russia. Puff pastry or brioche encasing salmon, rice, hard cooked eggs, mushrooms, and shallots. Also known as “Kulibyaka.”
MOUSSE A froth or foam. Sweet or savory, hot or cold. Usually made from base lightened with cream and egg whites. It is sometimes stabilized with gelatin.
MOUSSELINE Can be sweet or savory. Various preparations in which heavy cream or egg whites are added for taste and light texture - Hollandaise with soft plop cream or protein pureed with whites and cream (quenelles); a dessert buttercream made with sugar syrup.
POTAGE French for soup, usually pureed and thickened with a liaison
PARFAIT Means perfect. Usually savory, but can also be a dessert. Very light. When a dessert it is usually frozen and served in a cylindrical parfait glass. When savory it is usually a cooked based lightened with cream
QUENELLE Light, delicate dumpling made from puree of proteins. Bound with egg whites (usually), or a mixture of whites and yolks (for richness), and enriched with heavy cream and/or butter. Shaped by 2 spoons and gently poached or baked.
SAVARIN Classic rich yeast cake. Classically prepared is soaked in rum sugar syrup. Sometimes filled with pastry cream. Always baked in a ring mold.
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