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Intensive French

CSCA - Classical French 3

ESPAGNOLE Classic mother sauce also known as brown sauce.
ESSENCE Primary stock that is reduced either by ½ or ¾.
DEMI GLACE Equal parts veal stock and Espagnole reduced by half
GLACE DE VIANDE Equal parts veal stock and Espagnole reduced by three-fourths
JUS Juice or liquid from a roast or cooked meat, made by diluting the pan’s natural meat juices with water, clear stock, and then boiling the liquid to intensify flavors.
SLURRY A starch and cold liquid combined, added at the end of a preparation, brought to a boil, stirring constantly. Used to thicken a sauce or soup, thus becoming a colloidal gel.
TOMBAGE A GLACE . The meat and trimmings and vegetables, if used, are browned very well in fat, butter or oil. Fat is discarded. The pan is deglazed and the liquid reduced over and over again.
JUS LIÉ The meat juice that has been lightly thickened with either arrowroot, or cornstarch.
COLLOID Lies between two extremes, a solution and suspension. Defined as a two-phase system where particles are not large enough to be seen by the naked eye, but are not truly dissolved into the solvent. Foams, gels and emulsions are examples of colloids.
FOAM Colloidal system of gas suspended in liquid. Beaten egg whites, beaten cream, carbonated soda, and shaving cream are all examples of foam.
GEL Colloidal system of starches suspended in a liquid once cooked (Pectin, gelatin, slurry) such as Bavarian.
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