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CGTO PG-00-85-110, COMDTINST 13020.1G

Maintenance quality and reliability are the responsibility of? all maintenance personnel
shall inspect and sign off all grounding discrepancies and flight control work? Primary QA
may sign off grounding discrepancies and flight control work in individual cases when approved by a supervisor possessing maintenance release authority? A collateral QA
Maintain the unit's master library of all applicable technical publications and directives? QA personnel
Assist in preparation of local maintenance instructions? QA personnel
Who ensures a hydraulic surveillance program is in place and testing is being performed as required by Mandatory Special Requirement for all aviation ground support equipment? QA personnel
Who ensures that support equipment meets calibration and safety requirements? QA personnel
Who shall promulgate local instructions stressing the need to reduce FOD and detailing responsibilities and frequencies of inspections? Engineering Officer
Who will provide funds directly to DoD for USCG participation for JOAP? Commandant (CG-41)
Who will ensure that maintenance personnel are thoroughly trained in JOAP sample taking and documentation procedures? Engineering Officer
QA inspectors shall be selected and designated in writing by? Engineering Officer
Who shall ensure that an effective calibration program is implemented for assigned equipment and tooling? Commanding Officer
Who will oversee the Coast Guard aviation TEMPEST program? Commandant (CG-41)
Who shall manage the Coast Guard Aviation TEMPEST policy as directed by Commandant (CG-41)? ALC
Who shall ensure conformance with current Coast Guard TEMPEST policy? ALC
Who will perform COMSEC certifications for each aircraft during each overhaul and as required by the Field Technical Authority (FTA)? ALC
The maintenance instruction is usually prepared by whom?. QA subsection
The maintenance instruction is usually prepared by the QA subsection and signed by whom? Engineering Officer
No repairs shall be made to any primary structures without prior approval from whom? ALC Engineering
Field unit repair of the four MH-65 emergency flotation containers requires prior approval from whom? ALC Engineering
AVGFE shall be designated by whom in writing? Commanding Officer
The Aviation Gas Free Engineer will normally be who? QA Officer, Assistant Engineering Officer, or Maintenance Officer
Ensure that annual training is accomplished as specified in Chapter 6, Safety and Environmental Health Manual, COMDTINST M5100.47 (series), for confined spaces. Aviation Gas Free Engineer (AVGFE)
Maintain administrative requirements including reports and logbooks in regards to confined area inspections. Aviation Gas Free Engineer (AVGFE)
is an individual assigned to the QA department who has the responsibility for determining if a fuel system is safe from fire, explosion, and oxygen deficiency or enrichment? Aviation Gas Free Engineering Technician (AVGFET)
Use of particular chemicals is managed jointly by whom? ALC Safety, Environmental, and Health Office (SEHO) and the applicable ALC aircraft Product Line Engineering Cell.
Contact who for pertinent guidance in the general use and/or procurement of these chemicals or materials? ALC Product Line and the SEHO Office
The Deficiency Report will be routed to whom? ALC Product Line Engineering Cell
Upon receipt of Deficiency Report, the applicable ALC Product Line Engineering Cell will coordinate with whom for approval? ALC SEHO Office
may authorize a one time purchase of chemicals not contained on the Authorized Chemical Use List to meet operational commitments. Engineering Officer
shall coordinate one time use with the applicable ALC Product Line Engineering Cell and the ALC SEHO Office specifying the need and application of the proposed chemical Engineering Officer
Prototyping of chemicals used on Coast Guard aircraft or systems must be approved by whom prior to use? Industrial Systems Manager (ISM) and ALC aircraft Product Line Engineering Cell
Who will review all requests for prototyping of chemicals and approve each specific chemical application on the aircraft? ALC aircraft Product Line Engineering Cell
Prototyping of chemicals may be accomplished by ALC, the applicable prime unit, or an air station designated by whom? by the ISM
shall not independently authorize the purchase of chemicals for the purpose of testing or prototyping of new chemical application procedures? Engineering Officer
Have the central responsibility for maintaining the Technical Airworthiness Assurance Process Guide? (CG-41) and the Commanding Officer of the Aviation Logistics Center
Who should contacted to determine requirements for, and locations of, eye wash fountains and/or emergency showers? Industrial Systems Manager (ISM) and Ground Safety Officer
Temporary improvised scaffolds or stands may be used if approved by whom? safety officer
Minimum Number of People Required The minimum number of people employed on the towing team when towing aircraft in a congested area as defined by whom? Commanding Officer
Who shall ensure their unit has a well defined towing plan? Commanding Officer
Who shall designate engine run-up areas in accordance with airport procedures? Commanding Officer
Only personnel qualified in aircraft type and designated in writing by whom are authorized to start and run-up aircraft engines? Commanding Officer
Who may authorize taxiing without taxi signalman providing the ramp has clearly defined taxi lines and parking spots? Commanding Officer
Hot fueling operations are not allowed within 200 feet of an occupied building, unless operating under a waiver from whom? Commandant (CG-41)
Requests to utilize other USAF type forms shall be forwarded to whom,indicating estimated usage data? Commandant (CG-41)
Who should establish local procedures to ensure that PQDRs (Product Quality Deficiency Report) are submitted when appropriate, are based on a thorough evaluation, and are submitted promptly? Engineering Officer
PQDRs (Product Quality Deficiency Report) shall be submitted by whom? ALC, aviation units, and flight deck equipped cutters
Upon the completion of these Inspection and Evaluation (I&E) processes, who will provide a Post Induction memorandum to the Commanding Officer of the inducting unit, with an information copy to Commandant (CG-41? Commanding Officer, ALC
Upon the completion of these Inspection and Evaluation (I&E) processes, Commanding Officer, ALC will provide a Post Induction memorandum to who, with an information copy to Commandant (CG-41? Commanding Officer of the inducting unit and Commandant (CG-41)
Units receiving an aircraft from ALC or from another unit in a tri-swap shall submit a report to who? ALC with a copy to CG-41
Units receiving an aircraft after completing a PDM type of maintenance at a facility other than ALC will submit a memorandum to who? ALC
All discrepancies reported in the unit's post PDM report will be investigated by ALC. The findings and resultant action taken by ALC on major discrepancies will be provided to who? the reporting unit and copy to Commandant (CG-41)
The unit receiving an aircraft from a transferring unit shall submit a memorandum report to to whom? the Commanding Officer, ALC, copy to Commandant (CG-41), transferring unit, and appropriate ALC Product Line Managers
Requests for changes to the ALMIS system shall be submitted via the unit chain of command to who? ALC’s Information Systems Division (ISD)
Recommendations for changes or modifications to fulfill operational requirements or improve mission performance shall be addressed to the Platform Manager and whom? Commandant (CG-711)and copy to Commandant (CG-41)
Who should ensure equipment is made available for maintenance when the resources are available? Commanding Officer
Who's responsibility to ensure that maintenance is completed in an orderly and timely manner to meet the assigned mission requirements? Commanding Officer
Who has primary responsibility for the management element? Commandant CG-41
Depot-level maintenance is normally accomplished by ALC and other overhaul activities designated by whom? Commandant (CG-41)
Review of corrective actions is incumbent on whom to ensure underlying causes for discrepancies are identified and rectified to preclude their recurrence? Commanding Officer and Engineering Officer
Who must gauge their maintenance capability when planning to meet mission requirements? Engineering Officer
Prototype installations are authorized by who? Commandant (CG-41)
Who will be notified of all aircraft configuration changes? Weight and Balance Officer
Who may augment the technical oversight of any salvage operation or engage additional resources to enhance the salvage effectiveness? Commandant (CG-41)
Who gives the authorization to scuttle an aircraft? Commandant (CG-711)
For all maintenance ferry flights involving ALC, who will direct transfer of custody to ALC? Commandant (CG-711)
For all aircraft transfers, acceptance flights may be conducted at the discretion of whom at the gaining unit? Commanding Officer, Engineering Officer, and ferrying crew
Who controls TCTO change kits? ALC
If Prime Unit cannot conduct the operational evaluation or kit proofing, who shall task an air station? CG-41 or CG-711
If the CG-22 includes an interval change (hourly or calendar), who shall review it? RCM Manager
If the FSII level in bulk storage drops below 0.07% by volume, who must be notified? Commanding Officer
Who may authorize concurrent fueling evolutions when operations require it? Commanding Officer
Who shall create a locally promulgated instruction to ensure adherence to flightline vehicle safety? Commanding Officer
In the event a fuel tank is found to be leaking are to be notified immediately? Engineering Officer and Commanding Officer
who shall implement a respiratory protection program? commanding officer
Assist and advises the commanding officer in matters pertaining to flight safety Flight safety officer
Assist and advises the commanding officer in matters pertaining to ground safety Ground safety officer
coordinates and controls movement of aircraft and boats (and vehicles, when operationally employed); establish fuel loadings for aircraft and boats Operations officer
who shall ensure that at least the specified capability is maintained at aviation units? Commanding officer
who will provide policy guidance for the corrosion prevention and control program? Commandant (CG-41)
who manages wash the water analysis program ALC
Created by: tvemartinez35
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