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MOT 138*

Chapter 38

Medical asepsis is also known as? Infection control.
Standard lab precautions were first issued by? CDC.
CLIA '88 was made law to regulate? Lab tests preformed on specimens taken for the human body.
The core of OSHA safety standard for chemical exposure is? The chemical hygiene plan.
CLIA regulations do not specify? The methods used in testing.
Who implements CLIA? The CMS.
The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 are also known as? CLIA '88.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also known as? OSHA.
What is POL? Providers' office laboratory.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are also known as? The CMS.
This is where the specimen is obtained and the test performed within the physicians office. POL or physicians' office laboratory.
Values recorded which future values are compared to are know as? Baseline values.
These are the values that include 95% of test results of re normal healthy population. Reference values.
This is a diagnosis based on the comparison of symptoms of similar diseases. Differential diagnosis.
This is the highest level of medication in the pt's blood serum or the? Peak.
The laboratories are used by hospitals, physicians and preform expensive, complex or specialized tests. They are independent, regionally located to service larger areas. Reference laboratories.
All independent laboratories must be managed by? A pathologist.
A pathologist is? A physician who specializes in disease processes.
This is the lab department that analyses the chemical composition of blood, cerebrospinal fluid, and joint fluid. Toxicology is also done here. Clinical chemistry department.
This lab department deals with blood typing, cross-matching, and the separation and storage of blood for transfusion as well as anti-body reactions, it is also known as the "blood bank". Immunohematology department.
This is the lab department that tests for toxic substances in the body, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is done here. Toxicology department.
This is the lab department where microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi are grown and identified. Culture and sensitivity tests are preformed here. Mycology and virology are also within this department. Microbiology department.
This is a subdivision of microbiology and where the ova and parasite (O&P) are examined in feces. Parasitology.
This is the lab department that where microscopic examination of cells are preformed to detect early signs of cancer and other diseases. Papanicolaou or the Pap smear is preformed here. Cytology department.
This is the lab department where tissue sample biopsies are studied for disease, Histology.
These are the codes used for ordering lab tests? Diagnosis codes.
When a test will not be covered by insurance by CMS guidelines which waiver does the patient need to sign? The Advance Beneficiary Notice or ABN.
What does the Advance Beneficiary Notice do? Notifies the Pt that the test may not be covered by insurance and that they may have to at for it.
Why do we preform control tests? To ensure accurate results, minimize human error and to check the reagents.
When should a calibration or control test be preformed? Upon receipt of the tests of any kind.
What five components of laboratory requisition forms are a necessity? Physician information, Pt information, billing information, specimen information and the tests ordered.
How long after ordering a test should a lab report be received? Within 36-48 hours.
How are lab reports sent back to the provider? Fax, manually delivered, or sent electronically using EHR software.
What is the most commonly used microscope in the clinical setting? The compound microscope.
Comprehensive metabolic panel, TSH, CBC w/ manual differential or automated differential are all components of? General health panel.
CBC w/ auto and manual differential, Hep B surface antigen, rubella antibody, syphilis test qualitative, antibody screen RBC, blood typing ABO P, Rh are all components of? Obstetric panel.
Cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol calculated as well as triglycerides are all components of? Lipid panel.
Uric acid, ESR or erythrocyte sedimentation rate, fluorescent non infectious agent screen and rheumatoid factor, qualitative are components of? Arthritis Panel.
Albumin, alkaline phosphate, bilirubin direct, bilirubin total, protein total, SGOT, SGPT are all components of? Hepatic function panel aka liver panel.
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