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immune/endocrine system

system works with nervous system to corrdinate and regulate body endocrine system
substances secreted by cells and act to regulate activities of other cells hormones
do the work of the endocrine system hormones
organs that release hormones are called endocrine glands
male hormone that governs changes in boys as they mature testosterone
in girls, cuases normal growth of body hair testosterone
female hormones that govern changes in girls estrogen and progeterone
in boys helps to keep body fat at a safe level estrogen and progeterone
main hormone that promotes growth in children HGH
made by the pituitary gland HGH
edrenaline epinephrine
one of the hormones released by body in times of stress (fight or flight response) epinephrine
defends body against disease immune system
cells of the immune system move around body in fluids of the )_____systems circulatory/lymphatic systems
a networks of vessels that pick up fluid called lymph that leaks through blood vessels and fills spaces around the body's cells lymphatic system
clear yellowish fluid that is made up of water nutrients and WBC lymph
small bean shaped masses that can be found along the lymphatic vessels lymph nodes
hold many lymphocytes lymph nodes
WBC that destroy bacteria, viruses, and dead/damaged cells lyhmphocytes
masses of lymph tissue found in the throat tonsils
serves as a filtering station for blood particles that should not be there spleen
main place where blood cells form bone marrow
cancer of the tissues that make WBC leukemia
main job is to defend body against disease WBC
5 types of WBC neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes
engulf/destroy bacteria and release enzymes that kill bacteria neutrophils
enfulf/digest damaged body cells and disease causing agents monocytes
attack to parasites and release substances to kill them eosinophils
function in an allergice reaction, releasing histamine basophils
attacks/destroys particles that carry antigens lymphocytes
blood cells develop into ____________. antibody forming plasma cells
cells attack cells that have been_________ infected by a virus
coating of the cell and virus that has in identifying proteins antigens
proteins the immune system makes in response to specific antigens antibodies
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