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Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Exam

Signs of Malignant Hyperthermia Tachycardia, total body rigidity, masseter muscle rigidity, inc. temp, CO2 retention, lethal arrhythmia
Treatment for Malignant Hyperthermia EMS, O2, Dantrolene, IV Cold Saline, ice packs to groin, axilla and neck
Standard colors for gas cylinders in the US Oxygen-green; Nitrous- blue; Carbon Dioxide- Gray; Compressed Air- Yellow; Nitrogen- Black; Helium- brown
What type of med is Methohexital (Brevital)? Name some side effects of Brevital. It is an ultra short acting barbiturate. It is eliminated rapidly. Side effects include: apnea on induction, muscle twitching, hiccups, decrease in BP, increase in heart rate, laryngospasm and bronchospasm
What type of med is Pentothal (Thiopental)? Side effects? It is an ultra short acting barbiturate. It has a slow release prolonging the effects. It is stable for only 24-48 hrs. Side effects include: long recovery time, anesthetic hangover
What type of med is Propofol (diprivan)? Side effects? Short acting hypnotic. It has antiemetic properties. No analgesic effect. Causes bronchodilation, lack of hyperactive airway, vasodilation. May have pain on injection. Has sulfite preservative. Side effects: apnea, bradycardia, hypercarbia, hypotension
What type of med is Ketamine (Ketalar)? Side effects? Dissociative anesthetic (appears catatonic). Has an analgesic effect. Causes amnesia. Contraindicated in: heart disease, uncontrolled glaucoma, psych issues, pregnancy Side effects: vivid dreaming, increased ICP, inc. BP & heart rate, inc salivation
What are the basic requisites of an anesthetic? Lack of toxicity, must be nonflammable, must be nonaddicitive, must possess minimal allergenicity
What is balanced anesthesia? Analgesia, amnesia, relaxation and immobility, loss of consciousness
What are the levels of sedation? Minimal sedation (anxiolysis), moderate sedation (conscious sedation), deep sedation (analgesia), general anesthesia
Created by: Bobbie22