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3D051 Vol 2

Units 1-3

In the context of cognitive hierarchy what information is analyzed to provide meaning and value, or evaluated as to implications for the operation? Knowledge
In the context of cognitive hierarchy, what is knowledge that has been synthesized and judgment applied to it in a specific situation to comprehend the situation’s inner relationships? Understanding
Data analyzed describes what level of the cognitive hierarchy? Information
Knowledge combined with judgment and experience describes what level of cognitive hierarchy? Understanding
What objective will the maturation of the services oriented architecture directly support? Secretary of the Air Force
What is a data element? Physical representation of data entity attribute
What term is a structured description of records used to describe database objects representations, and the relationships among them? Schema
When storing data structures a group of ordered data elements defines what type of list? Linked
What term do you used to address the data item instead of addressing the entire size of the data item? Pointer
What term describes a set of data elements or values organized by using a model of horizontal rows and vertical columns? Database table
A tree structure within a hierarchical data structure is best used to display database records that have what type of fields? Repeated
Another data structure name for a network that is similar to a tree structure is called a? Plex
Who must test and certify user developed software before installing it on an automated information system? Local security officials
One method to provide protection of critical data against tampering is to control the physical access to the automated information system itself by? Installing keyboard locks
One method a database administrator can maintain database access control is to limit a user access to? Use the least privilege concept
The main purpose of a database is to? Make data independent of its program
What term best describes the process of organizing data into tables that result in the database being unambiguous as intended? Normalization
What database normalization form has a type of entity dependency called transitive dependency? Third
What term best describes the redundant storing of the customer name in the purchase order entity? Data denormalization
The database maintenance responsibility that addresses disk fragmentation is? The DBMS
The database maintenance responsibility that maintains a collection of metadata, DBMS, software, code libraries, and editing tools is managing? A data repository
What option is not a key element in the Air Force enterprise architecture of the Air Force Portal? Means for faster reliable service
Who is the most important part of the Air Force Portal initiative? User
Who oversees organization’s implantation of theWho oversees organization’s implantation of the Air Force program? Content manager
Who ensures the links in your web sites are maintained and in working order? Content Publisher
Which content publishing form is used to complete other forms as well as for its own uses? Editorial
What environment do you use to enter or edit content into in-line publishing forms? Publishing center portal
What environment does all Air Force users see when they sign on to the Air Force Portal? Air Force Portal production
Content must be entered into what environment before it can be deployed? Publishing center portal
When you click the “insert” button to import graphics the? Insert/edit image widget closes
What must you do as a Content Publisher for a user to use images from the Air Force Portal directory? The images must have been uploaded to the Air Force Portal directory prior to creating the document
What is the highest-level element in a basic web document? HTML
What section is where all content to include text and more HTML code for formatting is placed in a basic web document? Body
What does the Privacy Advisory on public web sites inform users about? Why the information is solicited and how it will be used
When may For Official Use Only material be placed on an Internet web site? Only if access to the site is limited to a specific target audience and the information is encrypted or password protected
Knowledge Information implementation lead to all the following except? Restricting that knowledge across your organization
“Knowledge results when information is organized and abstracted to produce something that is useful, predictive and expository to the decision-maker,” describes which phase of knowledge management? I
To use & exploit tacit information,the objective is not to explicitly capture knowledge for the purpose of managing it,but to provide capabilities which allow airmen to reach knowledge experts or centers of professional expertise,”describes which phase? II
“Technologies and processes enable efficient and targeted workflows, dynamic subscription, proactive push, smart pull, and cross-mission collaboration,” describes which phase of knowledge management? III
When Communities of Interest are formed, they will not initially focus on developing? Locations for implementation
Which information using assets do knowledge based operations manage in an integrated environment? People, processes, and tools
What goal is not one of Knowledge Based Operations? Increase the creation of official Air Force information assets on paper
What is the vision of Enterprise Information Management? Provide tools to empower users to exploit information in an enterprise-wide environment
What type of Communities of Practice workspace allows you to view its home page as well as all of its contents? Open
What type of Community of Practice workspace allows you to view the home page, but not its content; as well as allowing you to check out the membership and purpose statement before applying for membership? Restricted
A link class is a? Logical grouping of similar or related links
To keep a Community of Practice working smoothly you should not? Approve new members to keep certain topics or areas up to date
Knowledge owners can maintain interest in a Community of Practice (COP) by doing all of the following except? Make all content available and do not delete old content
If you do not have a graphic or image uploaded to SharePoint picture library and you want to load one, what is the next step? On the site page, click the site action menu, and then click the create link
SharePoint Central administrators will set-up workflows, but are not capable of? Reassigning approvers
Who has full control over the SharePoint site when establishing a collaborative site? Owners
What information architecture goal provides a corporate portal interface with the necessary breadth of information sources required without overwhelming the user with an overly complicated environment? Taxonomy
Which Windows server special group contains only members who have logged on using an ordinary user account? Authenticated
What SharePoint features are activated by default for all information stored in the central administration level of SharePoint? Indexing and search
Created by: MoniqueAPPLES
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