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which skin cancer is very serious, metastasizes and is potentially fatal malignant melenoma
which skin cancer is the least serious and arises in the stratum basale basal cell
bluish color to skin is indicative of hypoxia
an absence of pigmentation in the skin and eyes is called albinism
lack of pigmentation that occurs in patches of the body is vitoligo
yellow skin color is indicative of liver or blood disorder
signs and symptoms of second degree burn is blisters
appropriate first aid for a mild burn cold water
what pathogen causes folliculitis staff infection
folliculitis means ingrown hair
tinea capitis scalp
tinea corporis ringworm
tinea pedis athletes foot
tinea cruris jock itch
autoimmune disorder affecting the blood vessels and CT is called scleromederma
what is the action of hydrocortisone cream reduce inflammation
vesicle filled with serous fluid, herpes
bulla a large blister
pustule acne
wheal a hive or urticaria
macule a freckle
telangiectasia fine capillary dilation or rupture
fissure crack on epidermis
circatrix white, fibrous tissue replacement
excoriations a scratch or abrasion
ABCDE's of cancer assemetery, border, color, diameter, evolving/elevation
how does a nicotine patch or estrogen patch work gets absored in the channels of the membrane
rosaceae inflammation skin disease that causes facial redness not contagious indicated
acne vulgaris inflammatory bacterial skin fection of hair follicles & there associated sebaceous glands contagious contraindicated
impetigo vesicles around nose and mouth contagious contraindicated
scabies skin infection caused by burrowing parasitic mites contagious contraindicated
psoriasis silvery plaques...chronic inflammatroy skin disorder in which the proliferation rate of epidermel cells is greatly accelerated not contagious indicated
lice a parasite that lives on humens, depends on blood contagious contraindicated
verruca wart, rapid cell growth contagious contraindicated
shingles acute viral infection of skin contagious contraindicated
ecchymosis bruise not contagious contraindicated
petechiae tiny spots/ hemhorrage / bruise like not contagious contraindicated
herpes cold sore, virus contagious containdicated
cellulitis infection of skin and subcutaneous tissue not contagious contraindicated
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