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uniques chapter 5

uniques block one

what is the most common land mobile radio (LMR) used? two way hand held radio
ten code a group of NUMBERS used to summarize a condition or satus.
Pro-words a group of WORDS used to summarize a condition or status
When are airdrome signals used? when there is a radio communication failure
phonetic alphabet used to transmit words by using a particular word for letters
numbers pronunciations when transmitting numbers such as bldg #'s or coordinates
what are some factors to consider when using radio communication? Range: weather,terrain,antenna length Transmission: power lines, electrical generators
Name 3 forbidden practices 1. violation of radio silence 2. unofficial conversations 3. leaving radio unattended
what is the responsibility of the spotter? to ensure safety of the vehicle and surrounding work area. to direct the driver
waht is the responsibility of the driver? to stop immidiately if contact is lost with the spotter
airfield requirements individual required to work on runways, taxiways, or aircraft *parking areas must attend a flight line orientation course
what is the definition of war time planning factors? a number standard used to estimate the size and quantities of utilities and facilities.
what is the purpose of war time planning factors? to provide info to contingency forces to properly maximize and utilize all bare base assests
name 2 examples of war time planning factors 1. 50sf per person in wartime 2. 135sf per person in peacetime
describe the concept of standards of construction to determine the quality of construction by types of materials and construction techniques used.
Name and describe the 5 types of standards 1. Expiditonary- intended for 90 days or less 2. initial- intended for immidiate use. operational up to 6 months 3. temporary-24 months or less 4. semi-permanent- over 24 months 5. warm base- maintained bu cartaker organization.
what is BEAR? Basic expiditionary airfield re-sources are new bare base bed down kits that are replacing harvest eagle and harvest falcon across aor
what are the individual components of BEAR? Bear focuses on the number of airfielsds required to support the full spectrum of operations.
how are harvest assets being replaced by bear? through attrition
what are the assests of BEAR? they include the shelter systems and can support a max of 150 personnel for 5 days.
how long can harvest sets be used? until supplies are limited
redundancy provides alt location/backups for critical facilities/resources
resiliency systems should be adaptable and flexible
reliability and maintainability systems should operate dependably during wartime.
inoperability systems should be standardized
accessibility sustems should be located to allow rapid interaction
sustainability ability to maintain combat operations and generate missions for the duration
warning assessment amd control timely and thorough notification of actual/potential danger
Plan for people people are the most important resource
protection of resources physical protection of resources
combat siting proper location of air bases
what is aircraft parking planning? ensuring utilization of airfield meets regulations
what are the requirements of aircraft parking? parking dimensions, refueling, jet blast/cargo loading
where are the parking locations? parking aprons are located between parallel taxiwya and hangar line. must include necessary manuevering area and the dimesions are based on the type of aircraft.
what is the purpose of facility and utility beddown options? to identify additional assets, provide site layout, and assess the impact.
identify additional assets mission, threat, and construction standards/planning factors. its everyone's responsibility
providing a site layout means what? providing a location for facilities.
what do you do when you assess the impact? you observe the impact of cmbat airvase planning principles/ operability elements on facility layouts.
what are the resposibilities of 3E5X1? to assist the engineer calculating requirements. Rank/experience determine actual job/responsibilities
what is the definition of airbase operability assessment elements? it ensures the airbase has the capability to destroy attacking enemy air/ground forces, limit damage, and survive, recover, and continue to operate under post attack conditions.
name and describe the 5 elements *Defend-provide protection *Survive-Minimize effect of attack *Recover-ensure aircraft and missions resume rapidly and effectively *Generate-Ensure aircraft can cont to operate under conditions *Support-provide command and control operating procedures
Created by: kpellman10
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