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Key Issue 2 part 2

Ap Human Geography Book Key Issue 2

a_____ is a point, whereas a ______ is an area place; region
what are 4 ways places can receive their names? person religion origin of its settlers ancient history
what are 3 reasons why a place would sometimes change its name? political upheavals they are offensive for war heroes
what are some site characteristics? climate water sources topography vegetation latitude elevation
Humans have the ability to ______ the characteristics of a site modify
What role do familiar places have understanding situation of unfamiliar places? they help people find places they don't know by using places they do know
what place is designated as 0 degrees longitude? Greenwich, England
What is the name for the line drawn at 0 degrees longitude? Prime meridian
What is the smallest area on the surface of the Earth that can be scanned as a single pixel? 1 meter across
Geographers can map what using remotely sensed data? mapping vegetation, gathering data for unpopulated areas, and monitor changes like weather patterns and deforestation. Human geographers use it to map the distribution of urban sprawl and agricultural practices.
What are some examples of data stored in a single GIS layer? soils forest cover hydrology
How is a degree of longitude or latitude further divided? into 60 minutes (') and 60 seconds (")
How many degrees of longitude do you need to travel across to pass through one "hour" of time(or one time zone)? 15
How many time zones are there? 24
Where and why were standard time zones first adopted? Railroads urged the adoption of standard time zones to ignore confusion which started in the US.
What is the longitude of the International Date Line? 180
Which country forced the 3000 mile deviation of the Prim Meridian? Kiribati
A region is "An ____ of ____ defined by one or more ________ _________" according to the textbook. area; earth; distinctive characteristics
Geographers using the regional studies approach argue that that distinctive landscapes of different regions result from what two things? a.several neighboring countries that share important features b.many localities within a country, such as those in southern California
What do geographers who adopt the regional studies approach believe regarding regions? Culture is the agent, the natural area the medium, the cultural landscape the result.
Is cultural landscape created by humans or nature? humans
The fundamental principle underlying the cultural landscape is that ____ are the most important agents of change to the Earth's surface. people
How does a geographer conclude that two or more phenomena are spatially associated? cultural, economic, and environmental factors
what is culture? customary beliefs material traits social forms
How many major types of climates do geographers identify? 5
In what major way does climate influence human activities? Monsoon rains in climate A(South Asia)
What are the 4 major biomes? forest biome savanna biome grassland biome desert biome
What are the 2 major problems as far as soil is concerned? erosion depletion of nutrients
Created by: dabbietz98