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Ap Euro Crisis and R

Group of Peoples that brought down the walls of constantinople, ending the Byzantine Empire Ottoman Turks
Leader of Turks who took over and came in with new ideas of art and architechture Sultan Mehmed II
Term the black death was described as "Pestilential"
Group of people that believed self harm was a way to gain forgiveness from God, and a way to help deal with the plague Flagellants
Era when art contained these characteristics: Lack of perspective, lack of vibrant colors, dis proportion, lack of individuality, 2 dimensional Pre-Rennaisance
Era when art contained these characteristics:Realisticness, backgrounds, Vibrant color schemes, Individuality, Nudity, Action shots, 3 dimensioin, Emotional Renaissance/post
Two countries that battled in the Hundred Years' war England and France
Why was the hundred years war considered a world war of sorts Both the fench and english hired Mercenaries from countries all over europe.
Final victor of hundred years war, with the most land France
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