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bookkeeper one who records the financial transactions of a business
credit a payment subtracted from existing balance
Debit balance reflects that the amount paid is less than total due
Day sheet All pt. charges & receipts are recorded here each day
Account a record for each pt., which shows charges payments and balance due
Balance Difference between debit & credit
credit balance amount paid is greater than was due, (OR) the account is being paid in advance of service provider
charge slip list of procedures performed in that medical office, with their respected codes. AKA(ENCOUNTER FORM)
ABA Number identifies the institution involved in the clearing process
deposit record a record of a deposit that is given by the bank to the customer at the time of the deposit.
Maker person or thing that makes or produces something
Third-party check one made out to the person by someone unknown to you
Money order negotiable instrument often used by people who do not have checking accounts. They are purchased at a fee
Limited check written to a certain amount and has a time limit
ATM a banking machine operated by inserting a debt, credit, or bank card and entering a personal I.D. number(pin number)
Check register shows the check number, person to whom the check is paid, amount of check and the balance
currency form of money
checking account a bank account in which money may be deposited or check written against
certified check the bank stamps the customers own check certified and then holds the certified amount in reserve in the customer's account until check is cashed
Agent one that acts or has the power or authority to act for another
Cashier's check the purchaser pays the bank the full amount of the check
Electronic funds transfer system Move money through the internet
Endorsement the payee's signature on the back of a check
MICR Numbers Are numbers that aid in the clearing process. consists of characters and numbers printed in magnetic ink
Deposit slip a slip you fill out when making a deposit
Endorser person that pays
Bank statement A record of an account sent to the account holder, showing beginning balance, deposits made, all checks drawn, bank service charges and interest earned, and the closing balance
Deposit entrusting money to a bank
Accounts receivable money owed to practice from pt.s
Debit A charge added to existing balance
Business Associate Agreement an agreement with a company that ensures the company understands the persons expectations as to what the company will do with the privileged information thus will have access to and the consequences of an inappropriate disclosure
Bankruptcy Being legally declared unable to pay debts
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